Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Review: Hot Hot Heat- Happiness Ltd.

Hot Hot Heat's 4th release, Happiness Ltd, holds up the band's indie/alt-pop, emphasis on the pop, reputation, but with a new twist. Steve Bays' distinctive vocals, mmixed with the bands twangy guitar riffs, and piano laced melodies, bring a hint of melancholy and nostalgia to my ears, much like Elevator, only this time around they Canadian group threw in a dance beat or two. The single, let me in is smooth, catchy, and altogether radio ready; Hot Hot Heat has brought a new sense of pop to their music. Like good thai food, Happiness Ltd. hits the pallet smoothly, sweetly, and with a spicy kick.

For fans of: The Killers-Sam's Town, Tegan and Sarah-The Con

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