Monday, September 17, 2007

Tour Talk: Scary Kids Scaring Kids

SSM: For the record, what is your name and what do you do in the band?
Pouyan: My Name is Pouyan and I play Keyboards.

SSM: What is your favorite song to play live? What song do you find the fans really enjoying live?
Pouyan: Every song has a different groove and I like to play them all for diff. reasons. Other people really like to watch Darkest Hr. live.

SSM: What is one thing you have to have with you when you go on tour?
Pouyan: my suitcase

SSM: Out of all the places you've been, where is one of your favorites to play live? Is there anywhere you'd love to go that you haven't been already?
Pouyan: l.a. area, Albuquerque, S.L.C. I would love to go anywhere we haven't already been. I'm really anticipating our tour coming up in Australia.

SSM: What can people expect out of your live show?
Pouyan: A great time.

By: Lauren

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