Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Author: E.M.Alexander

Death at Deacon Pond by: E.M. Alexander

Death at Deacon Pond is a story about a girl named Kerrie Langston who has visions of her dad’s death after he commits suicide. Because of this, she believes that her dad was killed. Then, she comes across a dead body and must try and help solve the mystery. Now, to get a much better summary, look up the book!
It took author, E.M. Alexander, 15 months to write this book and once the story was sold to Lobster Press, she took another 3 months to edit. The book is currently out and waiting for you to pick it up at the bookstore, so I think while she’s working on new material, you should go out and do that!
Speaking of new work, Alexander informed us that “Death at Deacon Pond is currently my only release, but I have two manuscripts of merit I'm hoping will be published soon--a middle-grade historical that placed 2nd in the Smartwriters W.I.N. contest and a non-fiction picture book manuscript that was honored with a Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Barbara Karlin Grant.”
If you, yourself, are interested in writing a novel like E.M. Alexander and are wishing for some advice, then look no further! “Aspiring writers should read widely and be persistent. People say this so often, but it is really true. Oh, and don't write for fame and fortune. Write for the person that picks up your book and feels like you wrote itjust for them.” That’s wise advice, I believe. Also, if you don’t love what you do, how will anyone else?
Finally, since it is now the Holiday season, we wondered what might be on Alexander’s own wish list! Here’s what she had to say:
“Books! (Okay, that's a given.) New tunes for my MP3 & the Led Zeppelin collection. And clothes--especially clothes that my husband picks out forme because he has a much better eye for fashion than I do. Sad, but true. Just don't tell him I said that!”
Don’t worry, we won’t!


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