Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Author: S.A.Harazin

Blood Brothers by: S.A.Harazin

S.A.Harazin shortened her name for the same reason that J.K. Rowling did for the Harry Potter books: So that the book would not turn away boys if they saw right away the author was female. So for all those boys out there, you better give this book as much of a shot as any girl would!
This debut novel is about a teen named Clay who works as a hospital orderly, and what happens when his best friend, Joey, ends up there in a coma. Clay is blamed, but he must help more than just himself.
For those of you who like to judge a book by its cover, then I expect you to pick this one up, for it has a pretty sweet one! And for those of you who choose books based on what others have to say, then just check Blood Brothers’ Amazon page. The book has 7 reviews, who all gave it 5 stars out of 5.
When we talked to S.A.Harazin about what she’s heard others say about her book, she said that “I've heard from teens and adults who really liked the book. Quote from Guerilla Librarian (a myspace friend) on my comment page:
"Blood Brothers is certainly resonating with teen readers. I have written comments from two 15 year olds at
"One of them is a very reluctant reader and the other is an avid reader. Really shows why it is a contender for both BBYA and Quick Picks."
One of my biggest surprises and thrills was when a teen with ADHD called me to tell me how much he liked the book. Blood Brothers was the only book he had ever completely read.”
As for any future work we can see by her, she is currently writing a new novel! “I am working on a young adult novel about a teen with a rare genetic disorder. I am hoping it will be released in 2009.”
There you go! You have plenty of time to check out Blood Brothers before it’s time to read her newest book, and I sincerely hope you do!

To read a more complete summary and/or talk to the author herself, visit her on Myspace!

By: Lauren

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