Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Boy and His Machine

Boy, should you listen to them!
The Boy and his Machine

Coming out of Buffalo/Rochester, New York, this four-piece band was first formed in 2006. Members include Joey Arena-guitar, Ron Griffo - Singer/ Guitarist, Ryan Martin - Drums, and Christian-bass. Since then, they have released a five song E.P. titled All That We Make It and are most likely playing shows with some of your other new Pop/Rock favorites.
The band is definitely ready for everyone to get a hold of their music. “I think the songs are very comfortable to listeners of all genres, and people of all ages. Our older material was our "pretty side", however the new stuff we are just throwing an edge on it. I guess you can say. It’s just rock n roll,” says Joey Arena.
Now, we know when you get new music, you have to sit down and listen to all the songs, but what if you’re short on time? Just look to the band for help. Arena lets us in on his personal favorite song off the E.P. and what the others like as well. “My personal favorite is "Worth the Wait". I know Ryan and Chris will agree on that. Ron, I believe, is a fan of "Thinking of an Escape", or "The Plan".” And if you happen to have all the time in the world, then here’s some information for you: “THEY ARE ALL GOOD!”
Now that we are all caught up on the band’s music, how about we move on to their future plans? You know once you hear the music you’ll be wanting to rock out to it live! “Future plans would be to stock up on merch, press and release, and hit the road until we are corpses.” Sounds like you’ll have no problem catching them at a show sometime in the future, so no worries!
Obviously, the band already has their fair share of fans and they want to recognize all the things that they do. “We get messages all day long of requests to come to their cities, and these kids that take the time to promote us, flyer for us, tell their friends, visit the myspace and listen to a jam, add the song to your page, post a banner, even so much as to write us telling us about their day (yes believe me we have received those messages, and yes we do respond back) we owe EVERYTHING to them. The fans are a big reason to never think about calling it quits.” Come on people! How can you NOT listen to a band with an attitude like that nowadays? That’s what I thought!
Finally, any last words? “Look for us in a city near you and keep telling your friends.”
Are you ready to start your mission guys and gals?

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