Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Headrush Photography

A group of girls decided to take their love of photography and make it into something much bigger then just taking photos for themselves. Hence, Headrush Photography was born and the photographers would be Lety, Lucy, Steph, Yesenia, and Corinna.
We talked to Lety to get the lowdown on why they decided to start Headrush and about some awesome t-shirts they have up for sale.
The girls try and take as many photos as they can while school is going on and a lot of those photos are live band shots. “I mostly do Live Band photography because I am the official photographer for BU Central (my university's venue).” As for why they love to do this and just plain want to do this, Lety said that “When it comes down to it, we really love the art of photography and the experiences that we get from it. We just want to expose our pictures and get our name out there because you never know what our hobby can become.” Sounds like these girls are a good example of getting out there and following your dreams!
Now, how about those sweet t-shirts we mentioned before? Well, the girls had two different designs, but one of them has already sold out. That particular shirt would be the Spider Vision shirt which was “Inspired by the band, The Pink Spiders. When I showed them to the band, they really loved it.”
The other t-shirt which is still available is The Zombie Vision shirt, which was inspired by “the 1988 cheesy horror movie "They Live!"
If you would be interested in helping these girls out and purchasing one of their shirts, Lety let us know exactly what you would need to know about them. “The Zombie Vision Shirts are $25 (that includes shipping) and are professionally screen printed on American Apparel shirts. To purchase, one needs only to go to our myspace page and click the "Buy Now" button (We currently only accept purchases through Paypal unless we know you personally then we'll accept moneyorders/cash) under our general information, and select a size. We currently only have Small, Medium, and Large (adult sizes). We ask that everyone who buys one take a picture of themselves wearing it and we'll put it up!”

To check out their photography and/or buy a shirt, then check out the girls’ on Myspace:

We also have some of their band photos under our pictures on our own Myspace:

By: Lauren

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