Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Photo Finish Records

This label is definitely going somewhere. They only have 3 bands, and 5 releases, but every single one is M-I-N-T. Their most popular band, Envy on the Coast, as I'm sure you know, holds a special place in my heart. their full length and EP are both phenomenal.
Paper Rival, previously known as Keating have their debut EP out on Photo Finish as well. After seeing them with The Pink Spiders, You Me and Everyone We Know, and The Color Fred, i haven't been able to put the EP down. Paper Rival is the indie child of their label.
The newest AP Comp, Press Play Volume 1: Back To School Sessions, is also released on PFR. it has acoustic versions of some great bands, ranging from the Fueled By Ramen staples, to more hardcore and scream Chiodos, and even Everytime I Die. Photo Finish's latest signer is the Seattle groove funk pop band Danger:Radio. I have been listening to Danger:Radio, lead by The Scene Aesthetic's Andrew DeTorres, for the past year and a half, and personally, im thrilled to know that they aren’t going to be selling spray painted demos at shows anymore. Their debut EP, "Punch Your Lights Out" is available on ITunes now, with no information about a CD release.

By: Keaton

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