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Art Attack!!

Little Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence with Chauncy the dog.
How did you make this?
I used like paper bags for the "paper" charcoal, markers, pencils.
Credit: Jasmine Arroyo

For a webzine like this, you might think we are only going to focus on bands and music, but that's not true! Art comes in a lot of forms and people like you and me are often artists in our own ways. This is our first edition of Art Attack! but we'd love to keep doing it, so message us on myspace and send your art to us!


Just title the message Art Attack!


Credit: Charlene Jean

What are your plans for the story: Probably finish it. Haha. Then I'd like to publish it... but we will have to wait and see where it goes...

Why did you decide to start writing? Well, since I was four, my mom read me this poem, Pnuemonal Woman by Maya Angelou. I thought the poem was soo deep, and so... amazing, I dedicated myself to writing. I have that poem memorized now.

How did you come up with the idea? I read this really amazing murder mystery, and I have a secret: I love the Goosebumps series. Usually my stories have kinda the same feel: Middle school or high school girl, peer pressure, and of course the usual : boys. This story is a little different. I never wrote about homosexuality, and I never wrote about how it feels to almost "see ahead of time" I believe this book will be an invigorating challenge!

Where can people read the rest? Defiantly on my myspace blog: www.myspace.com/mcrlover320 (You'll find my blog somewhere) Hopefully, you will soon find my story in bookstores =]

I was exasperated. My black Honda broke down a week ago so I had to walk everywhere. That meant walking almost two miles to get to the “local” grocery store, which smelled like rotten diapers. Just inside the door, I stood looking around in disgust. It still amazes me that a store could be this dirty. Realizing I was blocking the aisle, I stepped aside to let a very young looking lady with bags under her eyes pass by. She was wearing a dark green tee shirt with black jeans that looked like they were painted on. I was concerned that she was going to drop her little girl. She carried her as if she was a sack of potatoes, with her toddler over her shoulder, only holding the crying child with one hand. I watched her walk down the aisle, stepping over a little boy having a tantrum on the floor, until she disappeared around the corner of a shelf. Even though the door was open, the grocery store was about 20 degrees hotter than outside, and 3 times smellier than I remember it being.

I exhaled, not realizing until now that I had even been holding my breath, and took a rusty cart. We needed a lot, my roommate Crystal and I, so I grabbed almost everything that was in the store: Mushy fruits, a half gallon of fat free soymilk that didn’t smell all that good, rotting vegetables, and stale tortilla chips with spicy salsa that lost it’s spice. I scanned the rest of the store to see if they had anything more. They didn’t; it seemed they had been out of stock for a while. Sighing, I piled all my food on the worn black counter. My stomach began to revolt, and I was trying hard not to look too hard at the counter or at the floor because I figured that would almost certainly make it worse. While the cashier was scanning and placing my food in yellow plastic bags, I glanced at the price: $30.79 for 14 bags. Figures.

With such nasty, over-expired food like this, they had better not overprice the “food” here. I pulled out a fake leather wallet and looked for cash. Seeing that I had none, I handed the boy a check and then pushed my black sunglasses with silver stripes to the bridge of my nose, gripped all 14 bags with two hands and winced.

“Oh! Lemme help you with that.” The only cashier said, grabbing 7 bags for me. I looked up and smiled nervously, looking into his eyes. They were big, round, brown eyes. He was a Latino boy, he looked about my age, and he had a very heavy accent. He had shiny jet black hair that was slicked back and the ends of his hair were semi-curly. He wore a white polo with dark blue stripes on the bottom and baggy jeans. He had a mustache, which I think would be extremely disgusting on anyone else; but, on him, it was actually quite flattering. He walked me out of the store, and I handed him 5 dollars for gratitude.

“Y-You don’t need to tip me. I did it for help. Just gimme your name, and that will be enough for me.” He pronounced “just” like “yust”, which I thought was really adorable. I turned around, and put my bags behind me. While still bending over, I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes. He was checking out my ass and he was licking his lips. I gently shook my head to myself. He’s just like everyone else.

Quickly picking up my bags, I brushed past him and murmured, “My name is Kaitlyn, and you’re a complete ass…” I was in a very pissy mood today. While walking away from the perverted cashier, I thought of my day and how horrible it was. I was failing my major course, had to walk back to my college, and since the Virginia Tech Massacre, the security means being frisked and scanned before you go inside. Great. I’m going to be thoroughly frisked for weapons I don’t carry and touched in places I’d rather not be touched. I shook out the negative ideas and focused on ignoring the horny men whistling at me and not tripping on whatever was on the floor.

I stopped at the edge of the neighborhood to see how much further I needed to go. I was only about half a mile away from the parking lot, so I readjusted the bags in an effort to get a better grip, rolled my shoulders back, and picked up my pace. The Hillsborough Performing Arts College was probably the biggest building in the county. Standing under its shadow, I leaned on the sign that read ‘No loitering’, closing my eyes for just a second. I was so tired and I really wanted a place to sit down. I looked around and, seeing an empty wooden bench that, incidentally, had a thick cover of bird poop on it, I quickly walked over and sat down. I could care less about the feces. I sighed in relief, took off my bright red teeny tiny flip-flops, threw my head back and closed my eyes. I listened to the sound of laughter probably from some stupid joke and listened deeper. I heard birds singing a sweet song of serenity. I smiled faintly, and listened closer. Behind me I heard a cricket mating.

I slowly drifted away… and the horror began. I lay in bed, in my favorite white nightgown, where in that dream, I was dreaming. I was startled and woke up quickly. I had to pee. I looked around and saw the walls closing in. I crossed my legs, trying to hold it in. I really had to pee. I looked around and found three different colors flashing in my face: black, then it brightened and change to white, and then it darkened and turn to hunter-green. I hid my face as I heard evil snickering in the background.

“Don’t believe in them… it’s not real…” I told myself in a shaking voice. Chills went up and down my spine as I heard a low growl. I hoped that was just my stomach… I jumped and screamed as I felt a cold tap touch my left shoulder. I ran to the bathroom; I couldn’t wait. I turned on the light and covered my face when the bright, clear, light blinded me for a split second. I blinked, waiting for my eyes to adjust. I shifted my feet from side to side so they could get used to the cold beige tile floor.

Nervously, I walked over to the mirror to splash cold water on my face, and looked down when I felt my thighs rub together along the way. Around the middle of my white nightgown was a big wet yellow stain. I had had another accident. Grimacing, I took off the nightgown and my wet underwear and stuffed them into the maroon colored bin with the other dirty clothing. I grabbed a dark green washcloth, wet it until it was a greenish version of black and started to bathe myself. My pale thighs were pink so the washcloth was way too rough. I bent over and splashed my face with cool water, and wiped off the black eyeliner I was wearing. I grabbed the rough, wet, dark green washcloth again and wrung it out. I wiped my face, then looked up at the mirror to criticize myself about this acne problem I have going on. At first I gasped, then started to hyperventilate, trying to find some air. Then I screamed.

There was a face in the mirror that I knew wasn’t mine. I knew my face didn’t look like that. I dropped the washcloth and stared into the mirror, leaning in as I saw a pretty girl with a gentle face, her eyes pitch black, her pupils white. Flat-chested—lucky bitch—and wearing a light purple dress. I felt my eyes being drawn down, almost against my will, to the bottom of the mirror and I screamed, beginning to cry hysterically. There, in the middle of her chest, was a steak knife, right where her heart was. Her purple dress was darkening to a black dress, and she lay in a casket. The knife stared at me, intimidating me. In the mirror, another version of me slowly crept over to her, calling words I couldn’t hear… I suppose that was her name. I squinted as I tried to read her lips to see what she was saying. I couldn’t make it out, so I looked back up. My lips were quivering, while her face seemed to get paler by the second. Suddenly I was screaming again as I realized her closed eyes had opened. My reflection in the mirror and I stared into her white pupils and saw her pupils changed into a white candle.

The wax stick was almost burning out and the candle was short and stubby. I listened to a gentle echo in the background. The candle light was the only light in the otherwise pitch black room. When did the light go out, I wonder? I didn’t have long to ponder that question before the candle, too, burned out. Darkness. I saw nothing but darkness. I listened quietly as I tried to make out a faint murmur.

It was sounding louder, clearer, and a feminine voice, I think that was the dead girl’s voice, began to sing: “You could’ve… saved me… You didn’t…. help me… Kaitlyn… WHY DIDN’T YOU CARE!?.... I’M GOING TO FIND YOU… HELP ME!... help…. GET ME…. OUT!” I forced my eyes open, hyperventilating again and woke up sweating. I was lying down on the bench, so I sat up and looked around, hoping no one heard me scream. I sat perfectly still, listening closely, but the voice was long gone. The sounds of laughter were gone too, along with the singing birds and the mating crickets. I grabbed my bags and ran inside.

After being searched and having my bags looked through, I ran to the elevator. I didn’t want to be alone right now… I was scared. Walking to my white door, which had shiny golden number 753 over the knocker, I dropped my bags and, with a shaky hand, grasped the doorknob. I tried to put the smooth, silver key through the key hole. I got more frustrated as I missed. I finally pushed the key through and tried to turn it. No luck. I twisted the key knob several times. The door wouldn’t budge.

”Dammit,” I cursed. “Not right now.” I banged my head against the raggedy door and waited. Grunting, I yanked the stubborn key out of the keyhole. I heard nothing, so I knocked on the door. “Crystal? Are you there? Open up for me, I don’t want to be alone.” I looked around nervously while shouting. When I heard a stifled giggle, I knocked on the door. I heard her quickly stop. She didn’t even go to the door to taunt me. I sighed in fury, and knocked harder.

“Don’t even fuck with me right now. I’m not in the mood, I have a bag of melted ice cream and it’s staining the floor.” I said, peering into the vanilla ice cream. It was getting really sticky. I lifted up my flip-flops, hearing a sound almost like Velcro, as they came unstuck from the floor. The vanilla ice cream was almost the same exact color as the dead girl’s eyes… I tried and tried to shake the memory of her from my mind, but I couldn’t get over her eyes.

They were just two colors, but I stared into them too long. They were hypnotizing me. I couldn’t forget them. In an effort to forget about the disturbing flash of thoughts, I pictured myself, comfy, on the couch sitting with Crystal. We were munching on kettle corn and gossiping about some boy’s butt or whatever. (Us girls tend to do stuff like that.) I knocked on the door one last time. My hands were really starting to hurt. I paused and heard lame techno music start up. I laid a hand on the door and felt the high pitched vocals buzz through my nails. I clenched my teeth together and balled up my fists as I heard the electronic pianos. Electric pianos! There wasn’t even a guitar solo, no crazy drums going off, no screams. Just singing in a nasally voice. Pitiful.

Ah, Stupid! I forgot about something! I unbuttoned the first button off my blouse, and went inside my bra, desperately hoping for an extra key. Bingo. I opened the door, angrily, with 14 bags held tightly to my chest. I jumped when I heard Crystal squeal, “Food!”, punctuated by her grabbing 5 bags in each hand and dumping them on the counter. She pulled out a bag of tortilla chips, and didn’t so much as even acknowledging my existence, never mind saying ‘thank you.’

She plopped on the couch and flipped through Seventeen. I stood there, my mouth open, in awe. Apparently, Crystal had no idea how dip-shitty she was acting. She flicked her blonde hair to the back of her shoulder saying lustfully, “Take a picture.” “I’d rather not.” I said, coming to life. I grabbed a clear plastic bag, took a few handfuls of chips and plopped next to her. Crystal stood up.

“C’mon, we’re meeting up with Andrew and his boyfriend Richard.” “Okay, hold on. Let me re-freshen my eyeliner.” I replied. After emphasizing my grey eyes, I did a last minute glance at my self. Black hair, pink edges. A lot of black eyeliner. Black cami with a black leather miniskirt and pink leggings….Slut. ...

The cafeteria is the best and worst room in the entire college building. When you walk in, an aroma of sweet fruits and vegetables fills your nose, and the air is gentle and filled with people you know and love. Well, a good majority of them are known and loved. Crystal and I walked through the cafeteria, my head held high. I was trying to get as much of the fresh scent as possible, despite how ridiculous I looked. They only had one little problem with the cafeteria…. I stood in the middle of the cafe where you buy your lunch and, gripping the sticky red tray, I pinched a piece of faded yellow “celery” off the top of my vegetarian pizza.

“Is this… edible?” I began to ask no one in particular, rubbing the globby mush-like thing between my thumb and index finger. The crust was really tough, so tough that when I tried to take a bite out of it, my mouth refused to soften it. I rotated the pizza to get a better look at it. The tomato topping was more faded and rusty looking then actually red. It reeked of onions. I pushed it aside.

“Honey, I wouldn’t eat that if I were you. The lunch ladies are so disgusting. They don’t wear hairnets, or even wear gloves for that matter! Must get a health inspector,” My friend Andrew pulled at one of his shorter lime green spikes.

“Here,” he continued, reaching over me and pulling out a sub from the refrigerator, then picking out the meat for me. He rewrapped it in foil, and placed it on his tray. “I’ll pay for ya.” He said, under his breath. I looked up at him to smile. See, Andrew is your average “scene kid.” [I hear people call him that a lot. But, hey, who am I to judge, miss leather skirt.] He has lime green hair, spiked in a faux mohawk, and wears eyeliner, more eyeliner than I wear, so that’s a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him out of this huge, chunky, obnoxious black choker with silver “spikes” all on it. I dunno why people usually pick on him. I like his style. I like his clothing. He’s usually in skinny jeans that look kinda girlish, usually paired with anything plaid. It’s unique. I quickly examined my sandwich to make sure no pieces of meat got stuck in there. Crystal, Andrew, and I found a semi-sticky table in the corner, where we wouldn’t have to face the wrath of the jocks. They like to pick on us for no good reason.

Mid-chew, I saw it. Well, him, to be exact. (Don’t think you know where this story is going…) Hazel eyes, covered by beautiful streaks of light brown hair. He dressed the same way as Andrew: snake bites under his mouth, piercings up and down his ear, and he also wore a bright colored shirt. A few sprinkles of freckles on his slightly tan face, and snow white teeth. He had rainbow gaugers in both earlobes, not too big, just a 12. I sucked in a big load of air as he smiled at me and started to walk to our table. My eyes teared up, and I started to cough, viciously. Apparently, I sucked in so much air that a bit of lettuce went down the wrong tube.

Crystal quickly started to pat my back, and I relaxed. “Hey, honey,” He said, quickly pecking Andrew on the cheek. “Crystal,” he continued- “Soooo scenic.” Crystal giggled, placing her chin on my shoulder, her long, blonde hair falling on my chest.

”Now, let’s get a move on. You’re gorgeous without the makeup.” She continued, pulling out her bright pink-sequined tiny clutch from under my pitch black humungous makeup bag. I smiled at her reflection. She had a tannish face with no freckles, light blue almond-shaped eyes, and a button nose.

“Why can’t I look like her?” I thought to myself. I looked at my face. I was probably the palest Italian in the world, and I had beautiful freckles that were hidden behind heinous acne. I had two big, grey eyes that were usually emphasized with black or silver eyeliner. I had a weird mouth: a very tiny upper lip, and a big, full, luscious lower lip. It looks like I got punched in the face. I winced then pulled a twenty out of my bag and shoved it in my “booty pocket.” I let Crystal get her keys this time. He kissed Andrew?! He did. I looked away quickly when I saw Andrew smile.

”Crystal,” he continued. He fixed his glance at me, and I felt so small when he did. His eyes were so intense… ”And you are….?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow in confusion. My tongue was dry, and I tried to find some saliva to moisten my mouth, but it wouldn’t come to my rescue. I opened my mouth, and then closed it as I saw his eyebrow go back to its normal perfect place, his mouth curling up into a perfect smile, his perfect dimples flashing at me. “Haha. You always fall for that.”

I smiled nervously in reply. I tried to find enough spit to moisten my mouth as he leaned in and gently poked the bridge of my nose. ”You’re so gullible.” I opened my mouth again, and then quickly shut it again, my lips pressed together, while my head was bouncing around like a bobble head in agreement. I sucked in more air as he cocked his head and smiled.

“Look, that’s my man!” Andrew said, his nasally voice butting in. Ugh. He made his “gay man—macho guy face” and began to crack up, all by himself. I broke my stare, glanced at Andrew, and started my LT again (lettuce and tomato). Out of the corner of my eye, I looked at Crystal, and dodged her eyes glancing at me. She started to tap the table impatiently. ”Would you guys make some conversation? Geez, as soon as Mr. Too-Sexy-To-Be-Gay comes here, you guys act dead.”

I smiled to myself. Seems Crystal hasn’t gotten lost in Richard’s eyes yet…. yet is the word. Richard made a sudden grimace, and I saw a wrinkle over Crystal’s nose form. I just covered my nose as a smell of cheap tangerine-smelling perfume danced wildly in the air. The scent was getting stronger, and my head was starting to spin. She was getting closer. I exhaled and turned around and had to face the smell right up and personal. It really bites that the owner of that tacky, awful smell was my best friend, Amber.

(edit: I put in the paragraphs, because it was all lumped together when I put it in here..so sorry if they don't seem right at parts! Hope you enjoyed the story though!!)

Interview: Below the Radar Records

Matt and Jeff of Below the Radar Records take us through the life of having your own label, so check them out and support them, whether a band or just a fan!

SSM:Who all is involved in the label and what exactly are your respective jobs?

Matt: I'd say Jeff and I are 95% of the label. I do alot of the public relationship while Jeff is behind the financing and overall cd production. As far as bands go we both act as scouts presenting various bands to each other. I discovered In All the Same Houses and one of the potentional third band's that we're looking at was found by Jeff.

Jeff: Then again you never know what random jobs come up, when In All The Same Houses CD's were first pressed I had to drive to Long Island to pick the CDs up and it took almost a whole day to pull off. Stuff like that comes up and who ever has more free time it basically falls on their shoulders.

SSM:So far, you only have two bands on the label (Committed and In All the Same Houses). How do you choose the bands you want to work with? Is there anyway bands can go about contacting you themselves?

Matt: We both have to really like the band. Alot of record labels look for marketablity but I think that that is only about 10% of what we look at. More so, we say "Would we buy this?" if so that already puts the band high up in our interest level. We also present the bands to our close friends for second opinions almost every time.

Jeff: Its more then just the style of their music. You can't just listen to a demo and give it a clear yes or no. We like to see the band live and meet with them personally to make sure our personalities won't clash, that could become quite problematic over the long winded process of putting a cd out together

As for bands contacting us. The best way would be to send a demo package(demo, bio, and photo) to:
Below The Radar Records
102 Bonsall Ave
Aston, PA 19014
We will also always reply to inquiries through myspace or e-mail, but we don't listen to bands via myspace.. partially because Jeff doesnt have speakers that work on his computer.

SSM:What made you decide on the name Below the Radar?

Jeff: For the first three weeks of the label we didnt have a name to go by so Matt and I would go to the diner a few nights a week and toss names back and forth. For the most part these names were either names I wanted to name a band someday or something from pop culture(we are really into movies and music) For about an hour we were going to be called Dobler Records. After that I don't really remember the other horrible titles we tossed around. Eventually we decided on Below The Radar Records. This name comes from the cd Under the Radar from the band Grade. We were clever however and changed it from Under to Below. I always liked this name simply because that cd is one of my favorites simply for the song "A Year In The Past, Forever In The Future".. plus the name Below The Radar seemed fitting for what we wanted to do. Take these bands that weren't getting the attention we thought they deserved and try to get them into the so called lime light.

SSM:Is the label focused on certain genres only? And if so, which ones?

Matt: We're interested in everything. The Partnership of Jeff and I has always been interesting because as much as we like the same stuff we also like very different things. I'm really into ska and indie rock where as shrop likes pop punk and old school hardcore (hense him name dropping Grade) so I'd say that really any band out there has a shot because we don't set ourselves to a certain sound.

Jeff: We're not looking to be the next Drive-Thru records... we just want to be a stepping stone for unheard bands that we have faith in to go somewhere

SSM:What is your ultimate goal for the label and the bands on it?

Matt: It'd be great to see one of our bands get out there and pull off a Fall Out Boy or a New Found Glory and know that we had some helping hand in that success.

Jeff: Id like to say my ultimate goal would be to actually make some sort of money would be nice.. if its not to much to ask.

SSM:How can people go about supporting and promoting the label?

Matt: Hit up the myspace and tell people about us... word of mouth has and will always be the best form of promotion... second to online myspace magazine interviews.

Jeff: Ohh Matt your such a suck-up . Seriously though online magazines are the greatest thing ever.

SSM:Why should people check out the bands on the label?

Matt: I think they're both pretty sweet... what's the worst that can happen from checking them out? Best case scenerio... you like them, add them on myspace and buy their CD on our Merch site... worst case scenerio... we get hate mail... which would still be a pretty sweet scenerio because we love getting mail.

Jeff: I know I get excited when my inbox says I have an unread mail.

SSM:Anything else you want to add or inform people about?

Matt: I'd like to interview Jeff and Jeff can interview me at this point so... Jeff... "What is your favorite band of all time?"

Jeff: Saint Mort MOTHERFUCKA! Same question right back at you.

Matt: SAINT MORT IS MY FAVORITE BAND TOO!... ok what is your favorite movie ever?

Jeff: Um... Fluffy the motherfucking Zombie slayer...you?

Matt: Sleepaway Camp

Jeff: Oh


Jeff: Id like to say Matt put that while I was in the shower. And to clear everyone up on what that was all about is that Saint Mort is Matt's bizarre acoustic project and Fluffy the zombie slayer is a horror comedy that we are in the midst of making with our friends. I know what you're thinking, these guys must be dorks to make a horror movie.. your damn straight we are, and you didnt need the movie to prove it one look at Matt and you'll know he is one. One look at my aim and it tells the story for me. My IM is dorksince1983 for the record. Send me IM's I'm lonely and for every night people don't IM me I die a little inside.

Matt: Okay things are getting a little out of control right now. We just like to say thanks for taking your time to interview us and for the readers to read all this ridiculous stuff.

Interview by: Lauren

Monday, September 24, 2007

Interview: First Round Failure

First Round Failure is an Alternative band out of Illinois, which is nowhere near San Diego, California...as the band so kindly informs us. Hattie was a great help in coming up with these questions about musical influences, lyrics, playing live, and more!

Interview by: Hattie
Myspace: www.myspace.com/firstroundfailure
Intro by: Lauren

1. Please state your name(s) and what you do in theband?

Phil Kondos- I play guitar and do an occasional background vocal live.

Shaun Malott- Bass

Tim Mackin- Drums, Make-up, brownies, and hair removal.

Matt McGrath- Vocals, Guitar, Dancing

2. Will you give us a brief history of the band? What made you guys get together and say, "Hey! Let's start a BAND!?"

Shaun: I had just got out of a stereotypical bad band breakup and decided to keep something creatively going so I contacted Tim and we started to put a band together. Tim knew Matt and Phil so it all fell together easily actually.

Tim: I knew Shaun from a previous band, and he asked me to lay down phat beatz for his new punk/rock project. I brought Phil and Matt aboard, and this FRF ship set sail for the seas of awesomeness!

Matt: I knew Tim from college and he invited me to play with this band. I almost didn't even do it because I hadn't been in a band for almost a year and was considering musical retirement, but I'm quite thankful I did! Since then we've been playing shows all over Chicago and the suburbs and have recorded an album that is available on iTunes and our MySpace page.

3. What are your future plans for the band (tours,albums, etc.)

Phil: Have fun with it and see where it goes. Playing in a band is not worth it unless you enjoy it. If something big becomes of it, all the better!

Shaun: We've been talking about a midwest tour and we're working on a 2nd album.

Tim: I have, for my whole life, dreamed of touring with a band. This group of guys are some of my best friends, and I can't think of a better idea than taking our gorgeous asses out on the road. Also, I'd like to perform on whatever show Rosie O'Donnell hosts next. I don't care what it is.

Matt: I definitely want to get out and tour. Right now we're focusing on writing/recording our 2nd album, which we're all really excited for. Ultimately I would just like to make music that people can relate to and enjoy.

4. For most of the people reading this, who don't know, where are you from?

We're from Chicago, Illinois. You know where San Diego, California is? Chicago is nowhere near there. Deal with THAT.

5. Which club/area is your favorite to play?

Phil: Any stage is a good stage, as long as it's not in Oak Lawn!

Shaun: Rockford

Tim: Gotta give it up for the Rockford all-ages venues, like the ELB. We get a great reception there, and people haven't yet discovered that we're not actually playing our instruments. They are robots we put on the stage.

Matt: Rockford is my hometown, so it's nice playing for friends and family. Any place that allows me to get sweaty while singing and playing is a fantastic place!

6. Do you have any songs that are more expressive thananother, at least from your perspective?

Shaun: Musically I think songs like Typical Symptoms, Pretty Girl, and It'll Be Alright show that we can be pretty stylistically diverse. Lyrically they're all expresive. Matt's lyrics especially.

Tim: I think the great thing about First Round Failure is that in every song, you can truly feel the emotion put into the writing. Matt writes from a very personal place, and he lets the listener in. That connection is something very unique.

Matt: All of them are expressive…especially if we're playing a new song for the crowd. That's when I get the most excited and into the song. I love seeing/hearing people's reactions.

7. What inspires your lyrics? (love, hate, your job,your dog, your crazy neighbor?)

Shaun: For me, mood swings and bad memories

Tim: This is easy: waffles. They're delicious, their shape is beautiful, and they can have FRUIT on them!

Matt: Writing lyrics is a great outlet for expressing my feelings and experiences as well as venting frustrations. Love, hate, and jobs have all come up in songs of ours. Not to mention hecklers at shows, presumptuous waiters at TGI Fridays, and people who are obsessed with Harry Potter. In addition, we have some crazy, unruly neighbors that will no doubt be finding their way into our lyrics soon.

8. I know you have a lot of cultural influences, but do you have any specific bands/people who influence you? (more than just being a band whose music you like.)

Phil: Anything genuine influences me.

Shaun: Bass - Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, The Cure

Tim: I'm driven to be a better musician by observing those around me and putting my own personal spin on different styles. I'm heavily influenced by a lot of drummers in the punk/alternative/hard rock/metal scene. Band-wise, I draw influence from everyone from Hot Water Music, Earth Crisis, Blink 182, and Ten Foot Pole to bands like Warrant, Guns N' Roses, and Twisted Sister. I know, it's ridiculous. I'm sweet, though.

Matt: Anyone that has the courage to chase their dream or do something they love is very influential to me.

9. What are some of each members favorite artists?(Maybe list top 3)

Phil: Rush, The Cure, The Jam

Shaun: Muse, The Cure, PulpTim: The Misfits, Poison, and Avenged Sevenfold. (Special mention goes to Savage Garden.)

Matt: Sondre Lerche, Muse, Keane

10. What's your favorite part about performing?

Phil: Seeing other people genuinely enjoying what we are genuinely doing.

Shaun: That feeling of performing something you created.

Tim: Deli sandwiches. Particularly ham/cheese.

Matt: Raising my body temperature to over 200 degrees, sweating profusely, seeing people singing along to our songs, jumping around during intros so much that I don't have any breath left to sing with, and occasionally spoon feeding my bandmates during songs.

11. Did any of you get nervous/stagefright?

Phil: I did, but not anymore!

Shaun: Not Really.

Tim: Only AFTER I realize that I have ONCE AGAIN forgotten to wear pants.

Matt: When we first started I would get really nervous…to the point where I would have trouble singing because I was out of breath. I'm fine now though!

12. Has music ever helped you thru a particularlydifficult time?

Phil: Music has helped me through every difficult time!

Shaun: Very much so.

Tim: Absolutely. Every situation I find myself in, I try to compare to a song. Knowing someone has felt the things I feel and gone through the things I've experienced helps to normalize me and allows me to heal.

Matt: It's the one thing I can always count on to make me feel better…particularly "Mmm Bop" by Hanson.

Headrush Photography

From Left to Right: Illinois, Bang Camaro, and Leroy Justice
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Behind the Lyrics: Ayentee

The song "Genna" off of my album Peasant Symphony is about me dealing with emotional turbulance brought on by myself and my significant other. It's about a man trying to hold something together that was most likely doomed from the start. Written in pure desperation, I think you can hear it in my voice, I completed the song in record time from conceptualized to recorded in a little under 2 hours.. I wrote that song only a few weeks after recieving a major heartbreak, so it kinda wrote itself.

A stand out line for me is "And when our titanic is about to flip we can keep playing this song while the rest abandon ship." When I first heard that the house band on the titanic continued to play while the ship was going down, that concept really moved me, and kinda stuck with me ever since. So im glad i finally got to add it to a song.

There's alot of lines in that song that hit real close to home with me and alot of people i've talked to, but I think the one that gets me every time is "and do it outta love the way our parents should've did" I know alot of people who only had one parent growing up and always talked about doing it different when they grew up.


Show Review-Ten Second Epic

Review by: Kenzie

In February of 2007, I was very excited to see The Reason, Ten Second Epic, and The Spill Canvas in concert. The concert was small but my expectations for the concert were very much fulfilled. First to perform was The Reason, which was very good. I hadn’t really listened to the band at all, but after that concert I found myself listening to a lot of their music. They put on a very good show for the crowd, and connected with us really well. For some band I hadn’t listened to, I was vastly impressed.

Second to perform was Ten Second Epic. I was and am a big fan of them, and was eager to see them live. They played amazingly. I had listened to a lot of Ten Second Epic, and to see them live was just unbelievable. I had never really been to a small concert, and as soon as they started to play, I immediately felt this sort of energy. Like they were really connecting with the crowd. They played all of my favorite songs, and then some more. The boys just went wild on stage, you could definitely tell this was not just their job, but their passion. Bands like that give the people out their hope, that some day maybe we can make it to, just like they did. The guys were funny, and I really enjoyed seeing them live and having the time of my life.

Last to perform was The Spill Canvas. Wow, is pretty much all I can say. They were amazing as well. They put on miraculous show. I had been a big fan of The Spill Canvas as well, and was yet again, eager to see them play. The lead singer, Nick has a beautiful voice, and when he came out on stage, it’s likely that all the girls dropped dead! I don’t know how these people can have so much talent, it just amazes me. They played all of my favorite songs, and then some songs of their other albums. These guys were so good, I’m just speechless and don’t even know what to say. The Spill Canvas successfully captured the crowds attention by putting on such a great show. There is so much emotion, and feelings put into these songs, when they play them, and you can actually hear them live, it almost brings tears to your eyes. For a concert with very high expectations, they were fulfilled right to the top. I recommend everyone to go and see any one of these bands when you have the chance. You won’t regret it, all three bands are amazing live.


Review: Daniel

Daniel (which is his middle name) used to be in a band titled The Average Unknown Soldier for two years. He decided to start a solo project and put songs on Myspace, but it's turning out to be bigger than he imagined. Daniel is now going from just him to a full band and has even been signed by Brother and Brother. His first E.P, The Lonely Tree, sold out and his next E.P. will be titled Alaska Maps. He is based out of Livermore, Kentucky and if you're thinking his music has any sort of country edge to it, then you are mistaken. He states it as
Experimental/Ambient/Indie and I must say it's definitely got the Indie sound. He has a calming, laid-back feel to his music that I can see a lot of people really digging. As for the particular songs, I would start with Become a Lion. Out of all the ones I have heard, this is by far my favorite. It's obvious it is one of the newer songs, because the quality is a lot better, which is another reason you should check this one out first. The beginning actually reminded me of The Format, but slower and not as dance-y, but still good. Another song would be Chasing after You. This one has a more upbeat sound compared to the others, and is one of the older songs he has up. Basically, if music is your main focus, then definitely give this music a listen.

By: Lauren and Ashley

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's In a Name?!

The question all bands get that becomes very old after the fifty millionth times it’s asked is answered here!

1. Who is this and what do you do in the band?
2. How did you come up with the band's name?

By: Lauren

The Bride Wore Black

1. This is sean and I'm the singer and I play guitar.

2. We got it from a pretty cool book. Its about a bride who gets made a widow on her wedding day by 5 evil guys. We're not 5 evil guys, but we thought the name was cool and its one of those names that you remember and if you havnt heard of us, makes people curious as to what we're about.

The Dangerous Summer

1. Cody – Guitar

2. How did you come up with the band's name? We got our name from a book by Ernest Hemmingway, its pretty straight up, the book is called "The Dangerous Summer"

The Mystery Tramps

1. This is Adam Amoroso. I play lead guitar and sing for The Mystery Tramps.

2. We got our name from a lyric in Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone". We're all huge Dylan fans and we're all very influenced by him so we thought that it would be appropriate to advertize that with our name.

For all we know

1. My name is Ryan Soukup I am the lead singer and play bass guitar My guitarist and back up singers name is Nate Zupke and our drummer is Tim Cowan. We play pop-punk/alternative rock music

2. We came up with our name because we all believe there is extra terestial life out there


1. my name is ryan stockmal and i play guitar in kenotia.

2.we got the name kenotia from the movie home alone when john candy says he is in the polka group the kenosha kickers. so we took kenotia from there and spelled it wrong. thats the long story short.

My Takeover Affect

1. I am Andy

2. The band got its name by; We couldn't think of anything to call the band so each member of the band came up with 10 different possibilities for band names and then we sat down, read them all one by one and said yes or no to if we liked them, in the end it came down to My Takeover Affect as the final choice :-D


1. I'm Gary, Lead vocals

2. we picked OnTheFront because it means alot of things, its very vague... and we want the listener basically to make up their own meaning. For us its that we're on the front of modern music.

Lunatic High

1.I'm Ben, and I play guitar

2.The name is taken from the computer game Final Fantasy VII. One of the charactors, Red XIII, has a move called 'Lunatic High'. If your a real geek and want to see what the move looks like just search lunatic high on youtube, and if your lucky you'll come across some videos of us as well.

Marianas Trench

1. Mike. I play bass and sing back up vocals in Marianas Trench.

2. Let me just say it involves a hovercraft, our pet monkey, 4 guys in togas and sandals (with socks on-very unfortunate), an avacado and a tornado. That's probably all I can say for this Ezine.

Houston Calls

1. Hi, I'm Okie. I play keyboards and do some background singing in Houston Calls.

2.Well, the story goes that the title is some permutation of a chaptertitle of the DVD version of the movie Apollo 13. It was the first name we all didn't hate, so by default, we had to go with it.

Check out the bands and if you like what you hear, add them, and tell them we sent ya!!!

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Tour Talk: Scary Kids Scaring Kids

SSM: For the record, what is your name and what do you do in the band?
Pouyan: My Name is Pouyan and I play Keyboards.

SSM: What is your favorite song to play live? What song do you find the fans really enjoying live?
Pouyan: Every song has a different groove and I like to play them all for diff. reasons. Other people really like to watch Darkest Hr. live.

SSM: What is one thing you have to have with you when you go on tour?
Pouyan: my suitcase

SSM: Out of all the places you've been, where is one of your favorites to play live? Is there anywhere you'd love to go that you haven't been already?
Pouyan: l.a. area, Albuquerque, S.L.C. I would love to go anywhere we haven't already been. I'm really anticipating our tour coming up in Australia.

SSM: What can people expect out of your live show?
Pouyan: A great time.

By: Lauren

Warped Tales

Every summer, the Warped tour rolls into town and many people go and spend the day in the often searing heat to watch bands in a huge crowd of sweaty people. Where is the appeal you ask? Well, here are some stories from those who went on what they liked AND didn’t like about this years Warped tour. See you next summer?
By: Lauren

1. Denise

Holiday Parade plays Vans Warped Tour 2007

One of my favorite bands, Holiday Parade, performed on the Ask Kevin Stage at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater in Atlanta, GA, and I was lucky enough to catch them up close. All things said, this band is pretty much in it’s infancy (no label), although it’s growing quickly as their fan base is exploding with every show they play. Their set was awesome, awesome, awesome and included all my favorites, Mixdown, My Philosophy, Never Enough and Driving Away. Then, as a special treat for us as they rocked out Gym Class Hero’s tune “Clothes Off”. Andy’s vocals were amazing (as always) and the music sounded good too! The band, which has a new line up as of May 2007, is really gelling and playing well together. Each time I see them they get better. Although the crowd wasn’t very big, I did see people singing, clapping and cheering, which is more than I’ve seen at other shows. And it was obvious as each member upped his performance level. It didn’t hurt to have all four members of All Time Low standing in the back of the crowd watching and supporting their friends. Very cool!

Earlier in the day I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Andy Albert (singer/guitarist) at their merch table. He was really nice and even came around from behind the table to snap a picture with me. I bought their EP and Andy sent his brother to get all the other band members to sign it for me, which I thought was really sweet and completely above and beyond. I told him about the different shows I had seen and asked him about the new line up, Holiday Parade name dropping, Bamboozle, Boys Like Girls shout out, Colin leaving Hit the Lights, upcoming tour, their booking agent, their new management deal and their label discussions (won’t be long… lots of possibilities). Andy is incredibly friendly and seemed to really enjoy talking to his fans. Anyone who has an opportunity to see these guys live really must go! And afterwards make sure to say hello. This band is definitely going places and they seem to know everyone! Check them out: www.myspace.com/holidayparade

Holiday Parade Photos. Credit: Denise

http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/2061/img1610fs5.jpg http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/9006/00hpxf4.jpg

2. Fe

i went to the warped tour in Minneapolis Minnesota on July 29th 2007. first off let me tell you that it was the best thing i have ever seen in my life. the thought behind warped tour is just amazing. to get a bunch of different but similar genres together to form an amazing day of music was genius. To take hardcore to pop to goth is something that is basically unheard of. It should be values as more then just a simple concert as I know many people see it but it teaches so much ore then just music appreciation. It teaches people to not to be so judgmental of everybody because in the end we are all the same. We all are driven by the same things even if it isn’t the exact same. So I know many people think that to get into the warped tour lineup you need to be able to get a mosh going to the music but that is not the case with straylight run. Straylight run is know for being a softcore indie (for those who are unfamiliar with the band). But besides the fact that they are slower they still brought the rock. Opening with the old single Existentialism On Prom Night. Which was a delightful way to get the crowd started into the day. Going on to slightly faster stuff from their new cd like The Miracle That Never Came, and the newer single Soon We Will Be Living In The Future. Which we even got to see a kid with a gruesome nose injury coming from the funeral for a friend set way gnarly. Ending with their hardest song Big Shot (Hands In The Sky) it was definitely one of the best was to get a nice warm up for the rest of the day. Next that was coming would be Paramore. Now lets face it for Paramore you would expect jumping dancing but not moshing and that is what we had. Moshing. many kids left with bruises and bloody faces from the fact that they started a push mosh. I’m not to sure how that worked out or why the security wasn’t there to stop some of the crazyness…..maybe because they were to busy yelling at the official warped tour photographer for taking pictures. But other then all that it was an amazing set by them. They definitely deserved the title of headliners. The starting line was amazing starting out with Making Love To The Camera and playing 2 new songs the crowd was so alive. They played Surprise Surprise, Way With Words, Best Of Me, and Island. Not only was the entire crowd singing along with every word and hanging on to the word of Kenny but the band seemed to be looking for the same energy from the crowd. Later on in the night as all the merch was getting put away and everything I was walking around aimlessly and ran into Kenny. Completely random and unexpected since they didn’t do a signing or anything to my dismay. But of course I totally messed it all up by being the typical kid who just met her hero and was all like oh wow do you realize who you are type of thing. But he was all cool about it and we talked for a little bit. The rocket summer is one of those bands that no matter how much you listen and no matter how much see them live you are just so impressed. This day left me speechless to how amazing it sounded. It is good to still hear a band play songs off their first cd and actually want to play them. Set list for them included Cross My Heart, Break It Out, Brat Pack, So Much Love, and So, In This Hour. This is definitely the band are would want to see to get your dance on. So that was the amazing stuff about warped tour this year…and of course there is some bad stuff to like that fact that for food and drinks you had to buy tickets. The tickets were sold in sheets of 10 each sheet cost 5 dollars. Which isn’t that bad I realize but when it costs you 6 tickets to buy a bottle of water the price adds up when your bottle gets crushed during a mosh or something. But good thing about the tickets is if you just threw them in your pocket, bag, or fanny pack you might find some left over towards the end and you can go get a snow cone! Another bad thing was at the venue I was at the security was dicks. I understand it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to deal with hundreds of people littering, moshing, crowd surfing and more, but they could have been nicer. I saw them make a girl cry because she got hit in the head by a crowd surfer. No the blow did not make her cry it was the security telling her she was stupid for not ducking her head and putting her hands up like they had instructed. Honestly and bands pay good money for the fans to enjoy the little props that they bring out on tour with them like beach balls and confetti, so it bugged me when I saw a guard pop a beach ball chiodos had thrown into the crowd. Other then all that I just have a few things to say, make sure you get their early. Listen to the bands who come up to you in line. And if they have signs to show you to tell you about themselves while you listen to their music they are most likely worth buying. Also never be afraid to go up to where you think you would want to be. If you are to afraid nothing will happen.

3. Kaila

My Name is Kaila, and I went to Warped Tour in Milwaukee on July 31st, on my birthday. All day i was walking around with my friends Leah and Lauren yelling its my birthday. I saw my favorite bands The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and The Starting line play. And since I donated blood i had a backstage pass, and i got to meet the lead singer of Paramore. The starting line and RJA both did signings, to tell you the truth, I've been waiting 4 years to meet the starting line, i told them it was my birthday, and i was kinda disappointed that they weren't that nice. Don't get me wrong, there nice for taking the picture with me, but i felt like they weren't interested in small talk. But when i met RJA i told them it was my birthday and they gave me high fives or hugs and wrote dedication in my cd cover saying, "Thanks Kaila, we love you", and "Happy 18 hope we made it great." I left that day in owe on how down to earth all those guys were, it was great, and this has been the best warped tour yet and best birthday too.

4. Laura McCoy

I went to the august 1st show in Cinci

It was awesome I thought all of the bands were just amazing one of my personal favs were Paramore, The vincent Black shadow, amber pacific and hawthorne heights

but all were just inncredible

I met amber pacific and the vincent black shadow and a bunch of other people

a story was i kept running into this guy named matt and he is uber hottttt
so i ripped a paper in half wrote my name and number down and gave it to him haha i ran into him again and he said he would call


i went today: in cleveland. okay i'll tell you how it went:: so it started at 11, but with all the traffic and everything, we didnt get there till around 12. and when we got there, hawthorne heights was playing. and we looked at the schedule thing. and we had missed boys like girls, cute is what we aim for, MAYDAY PARADE, the rocket summer, and some other band but i dont remember what it was. so we were already EXTREMELY MAD. right., and we werent to pumped about hawthorne, so we decided to walk around, and we went to all the tensts and everything. we realized we missed like five of the bands signings that we wanted to go to. buttt i got pictures with valencia, so they say, and another bandd. i cant remember who right now. ohyeah and it started out at nintryfuckingfour degrees. so everyone was sick with sweat. oh i did get a mayday parade shirt and cd for 22 dollars though.=] but anyways, at three we wanted to go and watch paramore. so we went over there and we were pretty far in the back. and then it started to effffing rain. and then it started to effing pour. so we were at paramore, and we stood there for about forty minutes waiting for them to start, but they wouldnt because of the storm and all. oh and my group was in the middle of a mosh pit. haha i got really hurt. and bottles and shoes and people and everything you can think of was flying everywhere. butttt it was pouring and lightning and all so my group decided to go find some place to stay dry. we found umbrellas by the monster energy drink stand thing. and then you know what? it started to fuking hail. HAIL! fkasfa. it was horrible. and it hurt so bad. lol i have like red welt things on my arms. and thennn our umbrella started to break from the wind and hail. so someone came and took it away. so we needed to fins somewhere else to go. and all the band tents were so screwed up...like broken and laying down and all. but we found a big one to go in, and there was like no room in it. but we were semi in. and we were there for like ten minutes. and then someone came to our tent and was like:: NOTHING ELSE IS HAPPENING! EVERYTHINGS CANCELLED! YOU NEED TO GO TO YOUR CARS, ITS TO DANGEROUS OUT HERE." this was at freaking four oclock. and so the majority of the people left. butttt when we were in our car, and in line to get on the highway, it started to freaking stop everything and the freaking sun came out. and it went back up to 95 degrees. fhldfjkashfjkal. i called my friend pj, cause i was supposed to meet up with him and didnt get to. and he was still there. i could hear some band playing on the phone. ughhhhhhh. they told everyone that it was CANCELLED and we neeeded to leave asap. fghksafsaksjhjfdsa. i dont think i've ever been this disappointed in my life.

6. Stephanie

I went to Warped in Atlanta this year with my friend Denise. We were looking around for somewhere to park and wanted to pay $10 on one side instead of $15 on the other so we pulled in, paid, got our little ticket, parked, and went inside. The whole day was hot but fabulous. When we left, we went inside the gas station that we had parked behind to get a drink. We heard this guy come in and ask about the "towing situation." Cue the drop in our stomach. We walked up the hill to where our car was. Key word: WAS. The people who parked us were running a scam and did it all illegally so they TOWED OUR CAR. It sucked. We had to take a cab to the towing company. The driver of the cab almost ran over two people who were crossing the street and overcharged us. We had to pay $125 cash to get the car back. Thank god for Emergency Hoodie Money or we would have been screwed. So what did we learn? Pay the extra $5 and have your car's vin number tattooed on your ass...just in case.

7. Kristina

i went to the buffalo ny warped tour Overall, great day. A lot happened. Annie, Rianna, and I got there shortly after doors and I called JD from the parking lot. It took him a little while but he eventually mosied over to us at the front gate and I gave him his veggie burgers and water. We chatted for a minute and he gave me $20, which I attempted to not accept. Seeing JD first thing when I got there made me so happy, we laughed about the Valencia Update JD Edition that had been put online this morning. Good fun. Then we went inside and Forever the Sickest Kids were just leaving the front gate so Rianna and I ran to catch up and we walked with Caleb, who informed us that they were playing an acoustic set at the myspace tent now. So we ran back to find Annie (who had been stopped by some monk asking her for money and showing her pictures of snakes and spears, weird), then we ran to to myspace tent only to find out that we had about forty-five minutes until their set. So we sat and waited, OHIO came to watch the set too. It was great. After the acoustic set we headed right over to the East Coast Indie stage to see FTSK play their full set. We were right up front. At some point I got whacked in the head with something, I have no idea what exactly happened. But anyway....Jonathan asked if I was ok and I said yeah I'm fine, and he rubbed my head and kept eyeing me, and at the end he kept high fiving me and what not. And Caleb and I had a moment at the end...basically he wiggled his fingers at me idk (like on the little rascals, and our fingers tips touch)...it was cute. After FTSK played I walked around for a bit. Bought a couple t-shirts. Lurked the FTSK tent, K Dirty signed my forehead. Then Annie and I went over to the Paramore signing. I got a card signed for Sam's friend Nikki. Then we headed back over to FTSK tent. I pretty much just went back and forth between the amnesty tent and the FTSK tent for the next hour until Valencia played at 3:30. Around 3 Danielle and I went over to the general area of Valencia's tent and stage, we met up with everyone else, and then went to the Hot Topic stage to wait for their set. The set was good, the crowd was kind of lame. But it doesn't matter, they were great. At 4:30 Valencia had a signing and as soon as they all got to the table I walked up to the front of the line and pulled out the $20 that JD had given me, showed it to him and put it in the tip jar. George asked him what it was and JD said it was the money he had given me for the food. And then I walked away. I ended up getting in line for the Valencia signing with Sam because she wanted to get a card signed for her friend. It was mildly awkward because once we got closer they saw me; JD gave me a head nod and George and Brendan acknowledged me and it was weird that I was standing in a line to see them. Once we got up to the table Sam got the card signed and got a picture. Brendan said he liked the DARE shirt I was wearing...I didn't hear him at first and said "whhaaaaatttt?" and George mocked me and said "whaaaaatttt". It was cute. At 5 I went to see FTSK play their second acoustic set at the skull candy tent. They were great. Then when that was over we were hanging out by the skull candy tent and got pictures and what not. Then we went with Caleb to the side of the tent to watch Cute Is What We Aim For play their acoustic set. It was fun watching CIWWAF with Caleb. I hand fed him a ritz bit cracker at one point....put it right in his mouth, that was fun times. After that we went over to FTSK's booth to get more pictures and say goodbye to everyone. It was sad because they are touring the west coast next and then going into the studio, so it's gonna be a few months at least until we see them again. After saying goodbye to FTSK, I went over to Valencia's booth because I had to leave in an hour or so and I wanted to say goodbye to everyone. I sat with George under their tent for a little bit. I told him that they have the day before the Rochester show in September off, so they should come to Rochester the 24th and hang out. He said maybe. Then he left to go shower and Brendan came over. I sat with Brendan for a little bit. Danielle, Sandra, and their other friend met up with me at Valencia's tent. Then me and the OHIOOOOO girls went and sat under the tree across from the booth. I had about a half hour until I had to leave and I wanted to say goodbye to JD so I was waiting for him to come out. Then George said he was on the bus. So I texted him and told him I had to leave and wanted to say goodbye, but he didn't respond, probably because t-mobile gets shitty reception everywhere warped is soooo I'm just going to assume that he didn't get the message. So I ended up leaving without saying goodbye to JD and I was really really sad (I legit thought I was going to cry, but I didn't).

Head on over to our myspace and let us know about YOUR Warped stories!!!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Interview: Josh of Close To Home

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Close to Home is a band that is sweeping the genres. They do what they love and don’t hold back. Josh answers questions about the band and the passing of former bassist, Brad Andress. This is one band that deserves any success that comes their way. Read on to find out why.

Lauren: Who is this and what do you do in the band?

Josh: Josh, guitar, sing, book, promote, drive, whatever.

Lauren:For the music genres on your myspace, you all like to change them to really random things. At the moment, it's: Rock / Japanese Classic Music / Visual. Whose idea was it to start doing this? What have some of the genres been in the past?

Josh: It was my idea because I don't like the word "genre" in reference to our music. I think music is an expression and art. To try to put a genre on it puts you into a box and to reach outside of it you get criticism. We believe we can make our music go any way we feel like at any time and do it well, that's our goal as a band. To make the music we want to hear and we listen to so much you can't put a name on the style we want to become.
I have also put on our page, Ghetto Tech, Regional Mexican, Classical Hawaiian and much more

Lauren:You all gave out your c.d. Picture Perfect for free to any fans that wanted it over AIM. Why did you decide to do this? What was the reception like from fans?

Josh: I gave away over 10,000 copies of the CD. I did it to show people we just want to be heard and show our fans we care, its not about dollars .

Lauren: The fan response with everything that was happening with Brad was truly amazing to see. What was that like from yours and the bands point of view? If there was one thing you wanted people to remember about Brad, what would it be?

Josh:The fans support kept us going, made us able to pick up the pieces and carry on stronger then ever before. We are nothing without the love and support of our fans and I truly mean that. One thing I would have people remember about Brad is his smile and the way he faced a challenge. I think his life and death reflects the dreams and ambitions of this band that we will stop at nothing.

Lauren: The memorial album was called Legends Live On. Is there a way for people to still get this album? What made you pick the bands that are featured on it?

Josh:The bands were all friends of his or had written songs that just hit the situation on the head. The CD can be purchased at www.yeayeayeahrecords.com

Lauren: To represent where you are from, what are the shows like in Cincinnati? Any other local bands you think people should pay attention too?

Josh: There are some local bands I love, sadly the scene in Cincinnati didn't start out supportive for us at all. We faced a lot of criticism and hills to climb. We have made a huge name for ourselves at home and still have a hard time with certain people. Our shows at home now are great, we typically play in 1 of the larger venues at home and it's always a great time. Our fans are amazing...our shows are more like 500-1000 friends then a concert.

Lauren: How did you all decide on the name Close To Home?

Josh: It was made up a long time ago when I was in High School. It originally came from a song by my favorite band at the time "The Get Up Kids" Over the years it grew into a deeper meaning for me. It is a way of saying how our lyric have real stories behind them, we try to write about real experiences and relate to people instead of saying a bunch of words because they sound cool how some bands do.

Lauren: What is one of the nicest and/or funniest things a fan has ever said to you or done for you?

Josh: Thats so hard to say I hear and see amazing things all the time. I've had fans bring me burritos from chipotle to shows. Our fans are absolutely amazing they are our source of support

Lauren: If you could have three wishes for the band, what would they be and why?

Josh: To be heard on greater levels, to make a huge impact on the world around us, and honestly just to continue with what we love always...making music and sharing it.

Lauren: What was one of the best shows you've ever played? What was one of the ones that did not go quite as well?

Josh: Taste of Chaos was my personal favorite show to play. 8,000 people screaming, singing, dancing, just going crazy. No feeling like that in the world. As far as worst I think every band has their stories there. I know I have a few, my personal worst was passing out on stage..I have some others I can't share in interviews so ask haha

Lauren: At the end of the day, what do you want the band to be known for?

Josh: Being a positive impact, writing songs people can relate to.

And now for a fan question...

Taylor: If you could bring only one thing with you when you went on tour, what would it be?

Josh: An ipod. Recently I forgot to take my suitcase so I learned what it would be like to go on tour and have nothing.

By: Lauren

Friday, September 14, 2007

Snowhite Christian-Love Arcade

Love Arcade is a Pop/Alternative band out of Detroit, Michigan. With dance-y beats and members that often sport angel wings during shows; this is one band that shows they like to have fun. Lauren talked to vocalist Snowhite Christian, who was more than willing to answer some questions for us!

SSM: On your myspace, it says that you all like to receive mix c.d.’s. Do fans often make them for you? What are some of the songs people put on them?

Snowhite: Yes definitely! They put a lot of the bands that we play with on the cds! heh heh

SSM: Your name is actually Christian, so where did Snowhite come from? Which one do most people refer to you as?

Snowhite: snowhite came from a nickname i had in high school. I think its half n half on what people call me!

SSM: So, what exactly are the wings all about? You have them all over the album, website, in the Passenger video, and you even wear them live. Is there a specific reason for them?

Snowhite: Its just the imagery of the name snowhite in my mind

SSM: You all came in second place for the Smartpunk.com Stage Contest. Was being able to play Warped Tour a big thing for the band?

Snowhite: Yea we were very excited for the oppurtunity!

SSM: Where did the name Love Arcade come from?

Snowhite: My hippie aunt gave us a whole sheet of name ideas and that was the first one. We didnt even look at any of the other names! heh heh heh

SSM: Any interesting stories from being out on tour? What is one of the nicest or funniest things a fan has ever given you?

Snowhite: Yea we got lots of gifts but the best are the pictures of us that are drawn by fans they’re always so good and realistic! i love it!

SSM: If you had to describe your music in one word, what would it be?

Snowhite: inconsistent! heh heh heh

SSM: What is one of the best things about being in a band?

Snowhite: being able to play shows! of course! heh heh

SSM: I love how the Passenger video looks. Who came up with the treatment for it? What is your favorite out of all the videos?

Snowhite: thank you so much! i did that video all myself! it took me a very long time and its def my favorite!

SSM: What can people expect when they see a Love Arcade show?

Snowhite: A black eye.

SSM: One of my favorite songs is Moses. Do you find a lot of the fans having the same favorite song? What would it be for you, out of your own songs?

Snowhite: a lot of fans like different songs. its crazy how many different favorites there are! my favorite would have to be passenger!

SSM: In the C.D. booklet, you only have certain lines for each song instead of all of the lyrics. Why is this and why did you include the parts you did?

Snowhite: Its The Chorus' because thats the most important part of the song

By: Lauren and Ashley


Doug DelGaudio of Airdate

Vocalist/Guitarist Doug DelGaudio from Airdate was kind enough to answer some questions for us about this Pop-Rock band from Long Island, New York. They currently have three songs up on Myspace, all filled with poppy goodness that is ready to take over every fan of the genres’ speakers.

SSM: For the record, what is your name and what do you do in the band?
Doug: My name is Doug DelGaudio and i sing and play guitar in Airdate.

SSM: Could you give us a brief history of the band?
Doug: Me and Stevo (Stephen Forys) played in bands all through high school with Chris Loret. Me and Steve wrote and recorded a demo of a few ruff tracks in 2006. Not long after we met Dan Mccabe through mutual friends, and the band Airdate was formed.

SSM: How would you describe your music? Do you feel you fall under any genres?
Doug: I really don’t see us conforming to any type of scene or genre. We write music that makes the hair on the back of our necks stand up, and we feel like if it does that to us, itll at least make some people feel the same way. If I had to say anything, It’d be straight up pop/rock'n'roll.

SSM: If someone was to see you live, what could they expect from the show?
Doug: to be jumping around sweating ALOT lol. We love to bring high energy to the stage, so if u come be prepared to sing along and have a wild time. Just ask someone about "wild airdate" lol.

SSM: What is your idea of a successful band?
Doug: to me a successful band is a group who stays together for more then 10 years and keeps creating good solid music. A PRIME example would be a band like Bon Jovi. When you’re able to have a family, home, and still tour and live the rock star life.. that’s being successful.

SSM: What was one of the best compliments you’ve received from someone?
Doug: i think the one thing that sticks out to me is when a fan actually let me know that they loved a song of ours called "For You." and they were gettin the lyrics tattooed on them. That’s deeeeeep

SSM: Do you have any plans to record a full length album? Is there anything you’ve released thus far that people can buy?
Doug: Yes!! We are currently writing our first full length, but for now you can purchase on new E.P. in online digital form. Go buy it!! www.myspace.com/airdate

SSM: What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome as a band so far?
Doug: Battling through the ups and downs of trying to make it. There have been really high points, and very bad low points. It’s hard to stick together as a unit and move forward when that happens, but we keep it together and push on.

SSM: The question that no band can escape. How did you come up with the name Airdate?
Doug: lol the question ALOT of people ask us. Me an d steve actually were looking for a name while browsing on the internet. And we just saw the word AIRDATE, and it kinda had a ring to it. We looked it up and the meaning was pretty cool. It’s basically about a form of entertainment (tv show, movie, radio) being aired for viewing or listening. in other words.. The date it will be released.

SSM: Anything else you want to add, that maybe we didn’t cover?
Doug: i want to take the time out to thank everyone for checking this out, and to all our friends, family, and fans for the insane support! Thanks!

By: Lauren and Keaton


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Review: Hot Hot Heat- Happiness Ltd.

Hot Hot Heat's 4th release, Happiness Ltd, holds up the band's indie/alt-pop, emphasis on the pop, reputation, but with a new twist. Steve Bays' distinctive vocals, mmixed with the bands twangy guitar riffs, and piano laced melodies, bring a hint of melancholy and nostalgia to my ears, much like Elevator, only this time around they Canadian group threw in a dance beat or two. The single, let me in is smooth, catchy, and altogether radio ready; Hot Hot Heat has brought a new sense of pop to their music. Like good thai food, Happiness Ltd. hits the pallet smoothly, sweetly, and with a spicy kick.

For fans of: The Killers-Sam's Town, Tegan and Sarah-The Con

Review: All Time Low- So Wrong It's Right

All Time Low's highly anticipated debut full length album, So Wrong It's Right opens all over the place, and out of control with How We Do, but by the second track, the instrumentals reorder themselves into place. Gaskarth proves that he can bring indiviuality to vocals that previously sounded just like every other band on myspace. The remainder of the album is what ATL does best; poppy and fun to listen to, making Dear Maria, Count Me In one of the more metnionable songs on the record.
This Maryland band took what they knew from their past EPs, worked on their weaknesses, and a more unique sound, to produce a purely feel good, best friends, summer road trip, pop punk album with some electronic nuances...Something that hasn't been heard since the days when Simple Plan and Good Charlotte ruled everyone's walkmans. Lighten up Emo Kid, All Time Low's here, and they've brought the party, only better.