Sunday, January 27, 2008

New and Cool

New and Cool

You turn on the TV and you see previews for shows coming out and new episodes coming up. You go to the movies and see previews for new movies that will be out in the future. Now, we have previews for something new! Books! Yes, you read that right. Don’t go back and double check. I’ll even repeat myself. Books.
Authors are making them. Fans are making them. Now where to find them? Two places I have found: authors’ Myspaces and the trusty video site, Youtube! To help you along, I included a couple book trailers that were made for books already released or just about to be released. Below, a few people commented on this new idea!

I Heart You. You Haunt Me.

Project 17

*I think it’s great

*Actually really funny that you asked that. I've never seen an online trailer for a book (where would I find those?), but in my English class we have to write a two minute presentation of a movie trailer for a book. I'm writing it for "Jamaica Inn" by Daphne DuMarier (author of Rebecca).

*Hmm, well online trailers are never as good of quality as the tv/ movie trailers. So I'm not a big fan, though I've never seen quite a difference. For books though I like it because good books never get enough publicity

*I think it's really fun how some authors and fans are making trailers. I've seen some good Twilight series ones. The Harry Potter ones are always nice too.'s a good one.
-Morgan O.

I think authors making trailers for books is actually pretty tight, I’ve never seen one, but I’m sure if I had I would like it, because it gives you a view and idea on what’s to come from that book. Reading's something I enjoy so that'd be awesome.

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