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We’ve had some awful losses in the entertainment business recently. One person was in a band. Two were actors. But the thing they all three had in common? How young they all were.

The first person who passed away was Casey Calvert of the band Hawthorne Heights, on November 23, 2007. He was 26 years old. We asked some fans of the band and Casey to give us their thoughts on his passing. Sadly, we never got around to posting those until now.

Casey Calvert

Casey was a great part of Hawthorne Heights. His talent was amazing in every way. He will be greatly missed... i don’t think Hawthorne Heights will be the same without him. I guess God needed an amazing musician up there!

He was the best screamer and guitarist in any band I've ever heard. He will be deeply remembered and Hawthorne Heights will never be the same without him. We Love YOU Casey!

Casey was an amazing person. I never got to meet him, and now I really wish I had. He impacted my life in so many ways, and I wish I could show him how grateful I am.r.i.p. baby- Rachel

You will be very missed…you were my favorite vocalist and guitarist in the world…and now it just won't be the same with out you.Hawthorne Heights will never be the same without you.I hate that this had to happen to you. I cried for so long and am so depressed. I know you would probably not want that and even though I never met nor did I talk to you…I still feel as if I knew you.And I will MISS you so much. I love you I always will. And will never stop listening to your music, nor will I ever take down your poster.Please everyone show respect for Casey
-Brittany Valente.


Well I met Casey way back when no one knew who HH were. All of the guys where pretty cool and laid back, but Casey: he was funny. I mean wicked funny, there was no way the guy couldn't get a smile out of you. I have seen HH 4 times live (well more but I wasn't paying attention). I remember seeing him again at warped tour in MA he was just walking around. I stopped to talk to him. So we were talking and he was asking us how we were and if we had liked the bands that where playing? He had asked us how we managed to get were talking to him about music saves lives and how we donated blood and he was like wow that’s really awesome, but sadly it was time to part with him cause he had to get ready for the show. He said good bye and gave us hugs too. He told us if we saw him after wards to come up and say hi. So after the last set who was UnderOath we walk back stag trying to find are way to the bbq we kinda got lost and amazingly we saw Casey and some others we asked if he could tell us where it was he just told us to flow them. So we walked and talked and him and the guys where talking about what they did on the bus , like playing there video games. I don't remember what game it was Casey was talking about but he was getting way to into it was pretty funny seeing him trying to explain it to us…after we ended up leaving and Casey told us that they would be back son and they where on Nov. 2nd with the red jumpsuit apparatus. It was an awesome show. I Saw Casey after wards for like 5mins but still he was all hyper and happy to talk to me. That sadly was the last time I saw him and will ever see him even though i didn't know him well he was an awesome, sweet and amazingly talented person and it’s sad of if passing. I will always remember Casey Calvert!

Brad Renfro

Brad Renfro passed away on January 15, 2008 at the age of 25. Some of the movies he starred in through the years were The Cure, Tom and Huck, Bully, and The Car Kid. Author Shawn Decker posted a blog on his myspace titled Remembering Renfro in memory of Brad. Check that out here:

Heath Ledger

Actor Heath Ledger passed away most recently on January 22, 2008 at the age of 28. Heath’s past work includes A Knight’s Tale, The Brothers Grimm, Candy, and Brokeback Mountain. Also, he stars as The Joker in The Dark Knight due out later this year. In memory of him, To Write Love on Her Arms posted a blog titled In Loving Memory: Heath Ledger on their myspace. It is a sweet, thoughtful article that you can find here:

Maybe you were a fan of one or more of these men. Maybe you weren’t. Either way, I think it all comes down to the fact that their lives ended way too soon. My thoughts go out to their family and friends: I wish you all the strength in the world.

R.I.P. Casey
R.I.P. Brad
R.I.P. Heath

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