Monday, March 17, 2008

Guest Blog: Doree Lewak

Welcome to our very first Guest Blogger, Doree Lewak.

Her novel The PanicYears comes out this Tuesday, and starting this Tuesday, she’ll have a blog in the Myspace book section, so stay tuned for that!
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The Panic Years:

Your best friend just picked out a $450 diamond-encrusted sleeping bag that you are to wear (after she insists you lose those last pesky 10 pounds) as a bridesmaid dress for her wedding that you can’t afford in the first place. Your loser college boyfriend who wasted five years of your life -- your best years in your dating prime! -- just announced he got engaged... to the girl he’s known for three months. Your loving albeit overbearing and over-concerned parents have opened up the dialogue about "freezing those eggs" -- and you’re only 27 years old!

Welcome to the Panic Years!

It’s a rough ride, but I’m Doree Lewak and as a reformed panicker, I’m going to help you get through them, with pride semi-intact.

The Panic Years are a mighty force. When the Panic gets its grip on you, it’s hard to disengage yourself from its hold -- and even harder to get a grip on reality. With successful coping tools and strategies, I want to help every SPS (self-pitying spinster) out there to overcome the Panic before it overruns your life!

I think it’s OK if you’re single and you want to get married; it’s not OK when you let the Panic Years conquer your life. My mantra: "Don’t get panicked, get proactive!"

So what if it has whittled down to just you and the five-year old flower girl for the bouquet toss at weddings? Who cares if you were just set up on the most miserable blind date experience of your life with "eccentric eye patch guy"? This is no reason to Panic -- and let the fear that "it will never happen for you" start to warp your way of thinking and undermine your sense of self.

To learn more or order the book, please check out or my MySpace book blog of the week -- I’d love to read your Panic posts!

Remember: Never let ’em see you Panic!

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