Saturday, March 22, 2008

Review: The Remorse Code

The Remorse Code

The first time I heard these guys, I was amazed. I couldn't believe they weren't signed. Their music is more than catchy and their lyrics are more than clever. These are the kinds of songs that get stuck in my head all day.Each song has a unique, infectious sound. Every song is extremely catchy, especially Jack In The Box.

The most addicting song, though, would be Behind Rita Hayworth; it was the first song that I heard and got me hooked. It's definitely my favorite song off the EP. Then the use of different sounds in the songs, like the woman singing at the beginning of The Table Under The Trees and the crowd screaming in Behind Rita Hayworth, makes them even better.

The band slows it up on So Save Your Breath, a pretty, softer song with some thought-provoking lyrics. I especially like the end, quite beautiful. The lyrics are just wonderful. Some songs, such as The Table Under The Trees and Atheists And Foxholes, leave the interpretations of the plot of the stories up to the listener.

Cornflower Blue's lyrics are a little homage to something cool, which just delighted me when I found out the song's secret. When there is rhyming, it is not forced; it flows easily and well.

Not included on their EP The Plot Thickens is the song If Blood Mixes, another slower, but still addicting song. I just can't listen to this song without listening to it more than once. The clapping really enhances the song and complements it. Just the fact that the music and lyrics stand out so much from cookie cutter bands is great.

The fact that every song can be gotten for free is just the icing on the cake. I just cannot wait to see what the Remorse Code is capable of musically and how far the band will go (which I hope is very far).

Review by: Ashley

I think Ashley summed up The Remorse Code and all the songs on their EP and off perfectly, but I couldn't post this without sharing my personal thoughts as well.

The Remorse Code are a band that when I listened to them, I pretty much fell in love with their music right away...which is not normal for me at all, and I'm sure for most people. When it comes to new music, it usually takes awhile until I'm really loving it, because I need to keep listening to the music or keep listening to the lyrics...but like I said, it wasn't really the case with this band.

And hopefully, if Ashley and I get our way, some of you reading this will feel the same...and if not, then hopefully you will in time, like it does for most new bands you try and listen too.

I can say that it's definitel worth a listen. They have great music with great production, especially for being an unsigned band...they have great lyrics that don't sound like all the other bands out there...and they're still small! Okay okay...not the best reason to like or listen too a band, but you have to admit, it's cool to get into the bands when you can still talk to them, right? And you can talk to them...just add them on myspace...after you listen and love the music of course!

Again, I agree with Ashley about most things. My favorite song is probably Behind Rita Hayworth just like hers is, but all the songs are amazing. I can listen to Cornflower Blue over and over and over and...well, you get the point...and that's the truth for pretty much all their songs.

Our motto is this: We all wish for big things.
And we ALL wish for big things for The Remorse Code.
So listen. And if you think the same, let us know. But more importanly, let them and others know.


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