Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bamboozle 2008 + May Stuff

Well, I'm back from Bamboozle. It was amazing, even though I was only able to go on Sunday. I met up with Keaton for a bit, and she put some Bamboozle special issues (some older stuff mainly on one page) on the Photo Finish Records table, and that was pretty sweet to see. I don't know how many people took one, but if you did...who knows?...then leave us a comment!! We'd love to know!
Anyone else go to Bamboozle/wish they could have/been before/planning on going in the futre??
I went last year for my first time (making this my second time, very good math!) and like I said, it was great. I saw some awesome bands and IT DIDN'T RAIN LIKE IT SAID IT WOULD!!! So yay for that!
Obviously, I'm sure we will write up some various reviews from Bamboozle, since I was there one day and Keaton was there both...so look for that this month.
GLBT month in April was awesome, but we didn't get everything up..so more to come..including a few things that ARE NOT books...so that will still continue this month, again with just regular May issue things.
We have some SWEET contests coming up. I'll try and post information about that as soon as I can, since we have a few that will happen throughout the month..all books again...though I do want to do another type of contest in the near future, since all of them SO FAR have been books...so any ideas? Anyone want us to hold a contest for them? Or donate a prize? Whatever, let us know!

That's about it. Leave some comments. Come and add us on Myspace too!!


And check out the old posts too! Always feel free to leave your thoughts on those as well.

Lauren (And the rest!)

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