Monday, May 12, 2008

Book Review: Wicked Game

Wicked Game
By: Jeri Smith-Ready
Review by: Lauren

Ciara Griffin can never escape her past, as much as she might wish she could. Her parents are in jail and she’s finally trying to try something different for a career, interviewing to be an intern at a radio station, WVMP. Once hired, she is let in on the big secret of the place: all the DJs are vampires and host radio shows while most people are asleep with music from the time period they were turned in. The vampires use the music to keep a hold on their past, for if they don’t, they will begin to fade and become nothing more then robots. Ciara eventually learns to accept the kooky circumstances of the station, but things can never stay simple for her for too long. First, she begins a relationship with Shane, one of the DJs (and vampires!) and then she must bring forth her conning skills to help save the station from being sold, which would mean disaster for the six vampires who find residence and safety there.

Wicked Game was an exciting, sexy, and humorous take on the vampire story. A lot of the myths show up in the book, but with various twists on some of them. I found the characters equally amazing and repulsive, based on their personalities. Ciara is a well-rounded character who you get to really know throughout the novel, along with vampire Shane, who is sure to be the next it vampire on the literary scene. I loved this novel and can’t wait to continue reading about this odd bunch. In one sentence: It’s Twilight for adults!



Liviania said...

I'm reading this right now!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. I really did love it. :)