Sunday, May 11, 2008

Contest: Mark It Up May

We just had our very first contest a few months ago and the prize was The Comeback Season by Jennifer E. Smith. Not only did the winner get that fabolous book, it was also marked up by Jennifer herself. That means she made little notes about the book..throughout the book. People seemed to like the prize a ton and I know I enjoy marked up books I've been given by friends that I decided to make this month Mark it Up May. We will be holding various contests throughout the month...sorry for the late start!...and you have a shot to win a great marked up book!!

Authors: Do you like the idea? Email/message us and let us know! Feel free to use the idea yourself. :)

Since we started late, we'll be giving away two books, but to TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE!

The prizes: Marked up copies of Back Talk by Alexandra Richards and The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren by Wendy Toliver

Timeline: It starts today (Happy Mother's Day!!!) and will end THIS Wednesday, so don't waste any time!

What do you have to do? To be entered to win one of these books, you must do TWO THINGS.

One: Tell an author about the mark it up idea.
Two: Tell someone else about the contest and/or books in the contest.
THEN: Tell us who you told in a comment and you'll be entered.

ALSO (PLEASE READ): If you don't mind either prize, say so! But if you only want to be entered for one book, TELL US PLEASE!



paperxxflowers said...

Hey! I told Melissa Walker about the mark up idea, and posted on my blog about your contest:


paperxxflowers said...

Oh! I forgot to say that I wouldn't mind either one. Sorry!

The Book Muncher said...

this is SUCH a great idea. really. and i REALLY wanna read Back Talk, so enter me for that one (i already have two copies of A Secret Life of a Teenage Siren!).

anywho, i told Melissa Walker,and posted about it on my blog. and i might post a bulletin on MySpace (if i remember).

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Got it! Thanks for entering and spreading the word. :)


Tempestt said...

Hey. Great contest. I told Terri Clark about the mark up and told one of my friends. Hope she enters! I blogged about it here

I don't mine either book, both seems like great reads!

Writer's Block Reviews said...

Hi! I told E. Lockhart and some of my friends (Miranda, Hillary, etc. lol) about the contest, so can you enter me, please??

BTW-I will take either book! Thanks!

Breanna said...

Awesome contest!

I told Elizabeth Scott about the marking up idea and I told my friend Ashley about the contest on her myspace. Do you need to have the link to her myspace or anything?

Oh and you can enter me for both books (or however that works) I don't have either of them. =) Thanks for the contest!


Bunny B said...

Hi :) Cool idea. I've told Angie Fox about it and spread the word HERE.

I would love to win either book! Thanks.

award said...

What a great contest! I told Liz Gallagher about the contest and posted a bulleting on my myspace page. It doesn't matter which book I receive. Thanks!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Everyone is entered.

Breanna: No, it's fine. I don't need a link!

Thanks for entering and spreading the word.

Angie Fox said...

What a great idea. I'm so glad Bunny B directed me to your site. If you don't mind, I'm going to post to some of my authors loops about this. You are on the cutting edge!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Angie: Thanks so much! And no, that sounds great. Go right ahead!!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh NO! I accidently deleted a couple if you dont' see yours, please post again!! I forget what some of them were...
but I do know..

Melissa Walker: haha I'm glad it did, and that's cool you're going to do it now! It's a ton of fun. :)

softindierocker said...

Hey There!
This competition sounds awesome! Mark It Up May is such a unique idea! I told my sisters about it, and I posted it on my blog:

Oh, and I told Susan Beth Pfeffer who wrote the amazing book Life As We Know It, on her blog! She is such an awesome person! She is also giving away signed book sticker/bookplates, which is so nice of her! You should check it out:

alexgirl said...

So fun! I loved being a part of Mark Up May.
Have a good weekend!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Alex: Thanks for being a part of it. Have a good weekend as well, and keep in touch!!