Monday, May 12, 2008

GLBT: Vintage-A Ghost Story

Vintage: A Ghost Story
By: Steve Berman
Review by: Lauren

When you and your best friend Trace are fascinated with anything and everything gothic, you wouldn’t think that ghosts would cause you any worry. Wrong. The narrator (who is never given a name) finds himself seeing the ghost from the legend of Rt. 47. At first, he’s highly attracted to him, but soon realizes the dangers of carrying on a relationship with not only the dead but the jealous. With Trace’s help, the two try to find the best possible way to help Josh move on. A new love interest occurs between the main character and Trace’s brother, Second Mike, along with trying to unravel the mystery surrounding their older brother, the first Mike.

Vintage is a quick, thrilling read. It was a perfect mix of romance, friendship, mystery, and suspense. The various emotions are clearly shown, pulling you into the lives of this group of clear misfits. Even with the company of ghosts, this is still a great coming-of-age and growing into yourself novel. I loved it and highly recommend to anyone interested in a companion, yet supernatural story. All I wanted to know at the end was, where’s the sequel?


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