Monday, May 12, 2008

Librarians/Book-Related Jobs?

Hey Everyone!

Chelsea (The Page Flipper, Kristi (The Story Siren) and I have decided to use some of the reviews/interviews/etc we have for our blogs and put various issues together for, hopefully, each month and allow people to print off the issue...essentially forming a 'magazine' for anything and everything book related (YA and Adult).

What we need from everyone though is to know what YOU think about the idea. Do you go to your library a lot and would you be willing to print off copies to put on tables?
Are you a librarian yourself and feel your branch would be willing to put copies in the library for people to pick up?
Are you a teacher and would be willing to put issues in your classroom for students to look at/take with them (when school is in session, of course)?
Are you part of a bookclub that would like to have issues to check out?
Any other book-related jobs?

Let us know! We're hoping to have our first issue ready sometime in June (and don't worry, everything in the issues WILL go on our respective blogs too), so please comment us/email us/message us/etc and let us know if you'd be willing to hand out copies or print off copies when the issues are ready to go?

Those should all be right, so get in touch with us!

Lauren (Chelsea and Kristi!)


perla said...

Well I'm the Librarian for Teens in my branch and I was going to do something similar myself. It's a huge undertaking for just one person. And since you lovely people are going to make one, I'd love to put that one on display instead. I'll even see if my other branches would be interested. Keep in touch!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Hi Perla!

Thanks so much for writing, and that's awesome that you'd be willing to put the issues out. And that would be great if you could see about the other branches. If you have an email, please email us here:

and we'll let you know about any updates and when the issue is ready!!