Monday, May 19, 2008

Mark it Up May: Tantalize

Our next contest is for the book Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith. Again, the book is marked with little comments from Cynthia as you read along. Along with this book, you get a Sanquini's t-shirt (Sanquini's is a restaurant in the book), along with a couple other goodies.

Since this prize is a bit bigger then the others and the ones still to come...I will give you the rest of the month to enter. So this contest will be ending on Saturday, May 31 at Midnight, Eastern Time.

So that's the prize and the timeline...but what do you have to do?!

Name three singers, bands, or groups that you like...and hey! who knows? Maybe you'll see something on them in the future!
That's it!
Feel free to spread the word though to anybody you know. :0)

Again, a couple more Mark It Up May contests are coming, so keep a lookout.

WINNERS OF LAST CONTEST AND GLBT CONTEST: Prizes will start going out this week! Sorry for the wait, especially the GLBT contest.


Breanna said...

I'd love to win Tantalize! I've been wanting to buy it for a long time, and having it marked up would be even better! The t-shirt sounds great too.

Three of my favorite bands are...
-One Republic (I listen to them everyday)
-Boys Like Girls
-Relient K

Really hard to choose considering I love soooo many bands =)

The Story Siren said...

can i sign up here to win?? I hope so!
here are my three bands
the veronicas
the spill canvas
we the kings

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Breanna: Great bands! I love BLG and Relient K too. many good bands.

The Story Siren: Yeah, you post here! Nice list as well. Love The spill canvas. have you seen them live? I've seen them twice. great band.


Meredith said...

I like Taylor Swift, Little Big Town, and Ashley Monroe. Can't wait to see who wins!!

softindierocker said...

Awww, only three? Lol, I'm just joking! The contest sounds awesome!
I like Sparrow House (especially the song 'When I Am Gone'), The Weepies (esp. 'The World Spins Madly On') and The Shins!!!!
Thanks for the contest!!!! =D

Melissa said...

I love the Beatles, Gavin DeGraw, and Alanis Morissette.

Man, this is a great contest, I love Tantalze, and it'd be interesting to see what Cyn comments. *crosses fingers and fangs*

Bunny B said...

I love Kylie, Justin and Timbaland :)

The Book Muncher said...

My current favorite bands are:
-We Are Scientists
-The Used

but they change all the time :D

Liviania said...

I only recently read Tantalize - I love it! Great prize.

Three of my favorite bands:
Dropkick Murphys
The Decemberists

Jamie said...

I LOVE Tantalize and would love to win a marked-up version!

So here's my bands and singer:
Kate Vogele

cyn2write said...

Ok well I already own a copy, but I am a huge fan and want a marked-up copy too!

Epic Hero
3 Doors Down
Jason Mraz

the writing stick said...

Three of my favorite bands are...
1. Toad the Wet Sproket
2. They Might be Giants
3. Massive Attack

Of course there are many more.

Erin said...

Ooh, cool contest!
And so hard to choose three favorites, cause I listen to so much different music. Here's three that are at the top right this minute:
-David Cook
-Green Day
-Vanessa Carlton

paperxxflowers said...

So yeah...

Rise Against
Panic! At the Disco
Fall Out Boy

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I'm so in! I love this book and would LOVE to read Cyn's brain on the pages.
Favorite bands:
Linkin Park
Green Day
System of a Down

The Compulsive Reader said...

Cool, cool contest, the marked up books are the best.

Let's see, I've recently become a Panic! At the Disco fan, and I really like Casting Crowns as well. Also, the Beatles are amazing!

Very ecclectic, I know...

Tori said...

I just hopped over from Cynthia's blog ... what a fun idea! Three of my favourites are:

Poets of the Fall

Steph said...

The Goo Goo Dolls are my hands down favorite band. So they're number one with me.

I'll name Idiot Pilot right now, because I'm really into her song "Retina and the Sky" Its amazing.

And lastly....the Japanese band Nigrilis, because they have THIS AMAZING song called "Sakura" which is the final opening theme to Eureka Seven... and I love that song. Its perfect for the anime and not to mention it has amazing grace being sung in it (in english may I add)! Listen to it! Its amazing...

Random Thinkables said...

I can't imagine a cooler prize. Reading notes in margins almost feels like reading someones else diary.

My three favorite bands are:
the Dresden Dolls
the Flash Girls
and the Young Dubliners

Tez Miller said...

The Hives

Have a lovely day! :-)

Lenore said...

This is such a cool contest!

My favorite bands/singers are:

Tori Amos
Youth Group

Daniel said...

mine are:

neil young
laura viers

cindy said...

Great prize! Here's my list...
- Manu Chao
- Aterciopelados
- Cafe Tacuba

Kate said...

My favorite are:

-Melissa Auf Der Maur
-The Kooks
-Death Cab for Cutie

Email is kate.wardwell (at)

Judi said...

I've been wanting to read Tantalize for awhile now! It would be even cooler to win a marked up copy. :)

My 3 current fave bands are
One Republic
Chris Daughtry
Icon Of Coil

aBookworm said...

I like
the veronicas
Linkin Park

Thanks for this great giveaway!

Writer's Block Reviews said...

Enter me to win Tantalize! I've been wanting to read it! :)

Here are my 3 favorites:

*Grayson Hill
*Sun Domingo

Anonymous said...

I LOVE BarlowGirl, Relient K, and SuperChic. Please enter me in the contest, I really want to model it. ;)
Rachel R.

Robert said...

Oooh, I want this :)

I'm a geek, so I listen to a lot of broadway stuff, as well as jazz. I'll talk about my more commercial music interests, though :)

I like Kelly Clarkson, my favorite songs she does are Respect, A Moment Like This, and Breakaway.

Bryan White is great. I especially like Someone Else's Star and Look at Me Now.

Bette Midler. Must be the gay in me. I like The Rose, Wind Beneath my Wings, and her cover of Under the Boardwalk.

Zach said...

I wanna win

lol...i absolutely love that book

3 favorite bands are
1) A New Found Glory
2) The Almost
3) My Chemical Romance !!!!!

dolls123 said...

Earth, Wind & Fire
Barry White
Bryan McKnight


Angel Young said...

I absolutely LOVE Tantalize. I don't have a copy myself, so this sounds like a magnificent opportunity. Cynthia is really awesome.
My top three favorite bands at the moment:
Mindless Self Indulgence

Brandi said...

I would love to win this contest!!My fav groups or singers are:
1) Matchbox Twenty
2)Rascal Flatts


pinkgrl16 said...

id love to win! i've read the book soooo many times!!!!!!!

fav bands:

1)banaked ladies (got to see them in concert last year!)
2)three days grace- i love them so much
3)jonas brothers! supper fan right here, im seeing them in concert in july!

please choose me, i never win anything

Reviewer X said...

Please enter me!

I like:

-Led Zep
-Evanescence :)

PS: posted about it on YAWeekly.

Poison said...

My favorites are...

Nightmare of You
Siouxie and the Banshees

Many of their songs rather remind me of the novel in a way. very rich and lush. I hope I get a chance to sink my teeth into those inside comments.

Tempestt said...

Great contest, it's so hard to just choose three bands but here is my three:
The Used
The Spill Canvas

Jessica said...

Keeping my fingers double, no triple crossed to win! I love the idea of seeing author notes in one of my fave books.
Hmm...favorite bands:
Linkin Park
Hilary Duff
Flogging Molly

Chelsie said...

Favorite bands??


(huge jump from NSYNC to Seether, huh =P)

I really want to read this book =D

Book~Adorer said...

Love, Love, Love Tantalize! Awesome contest. My fave singers are:

Chris Brown
Britney Spears

Hope I win!

Anonymous said...

Haven't read this one but love vamp books so i'd love to win this. so my bands are
Simple Plan
Linkin Park

awesome contest.

Book Chic said...

Awesome contest! I'd love to win this. :)

Anyway, three of my favorite singers are:

Cher (like any self-respecting gay man)
Melanie C (i.e. Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls, but she's got a wonderful solo career now!)

I love this contest idea! So cool! :)

ambeen said...

My three favorites:

Maroon 5
Vampire Weekend

teenbookreview said...

Great contest! My three:

Kate Voegele

avni said...

this sounds so cool!!!

yellowcard (the whole album paper walls is amazing)
angels and airwaves
vanessa carlton

Elainareads said...

Really Awesome Contest!!!

Three Favorite:
- The Pink Spiders
- Taylor Swift