Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Review: Suitte Scarlett

Suitte Scarlett
By: Maureen Johnson
Review by: Lauren

Suitte Scarlett is the latest novel from author Maureen Johnson. Scarlett just turned fifteen, but instead of being awarded a fantastic vacation away from home (like all her other friends) she is given a suite in the hotel she lives in to take care of...like every other Martin in the family when they turn fifteen. This isn't too bad until she meets her first guest that she must cater too, Mrs. Amberson, who will be stayling all summer long! Though Scarlett believes this will be another boring summer, things start to get crazy with Mrs. Amberson along. She almost gets arrested for shoplifting, must keep helping to save her brother's production of Hamlet and his chances of ever making it as an actor, fetching Mrs. Amberson more tea then she could ever need, and even falling for a boy along the way! Get ready New York: Scarlett is taking over!

This is my first novel by Maureen Johnson, but by no means will it be the last! I loved Suittee Scarlett from the very beginning, immensely enjoying the characters and adventures. Scarlett and her brother, Spencer, have a great relationship with amazing witty comebacks. You'll find yourself laughing along and wishing you had their relationship with your siblings! The book is hilarious, thought-provoking, and fun! I'm thrilled there is going to be a sequel. So if you've read Johnson's work before...you need this one as well...and if you haven't, then get too it! It's the perfect book to start you out on!

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Teen Troves said...

Can't wait to read this one! Unfortunately our library doesn't have it yet! GrRRRR! Whats up with that?!!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Mollie: Not cool at all! I hope it gets it soon or you find another way to read it..it's definitely great. :)