Sunday, June 8, 2008

BANDS/AUTHORS: Promotion?!

Promotion: Bands and Authors (But will promote other things as well, just get in touch!)
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Okay, so if you are an author, you are probably used to seeing things like these since I got the idea from fellow reviewers. The idea, however, is to show some ways that we’ll help promote you…and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do it for my blog as well, especially since we DO NOT JUST PROMOTE BOOKS! 

Bands first then:


That’s right! We do interviews. Keaton has done a couple in person, but I think it mainly depends on her if she would want too. You can always ask though. As for me, I do interviews via Myspace messages, Email, or even over AIM so it’s more of a back n forth interview. As of NOW, I don’t do in person or on the phone interviews. Hopefully things will change in the future, but this is the easiest thing for me and I would think Keaton as well.


We can and will review things. Our reviews often differ when it comes to music, not just who likes what, but how we decide to review things and what we focus on. But we’re pretty willing to at least TRY and listen to your music and come up with SOMETHING to say, whether good or not so good.

TYPES: If you have an E.P. or album and want to send one of us a copy to review it, just message us via Myspace or email us here: and send us a link to your music. We’ll pass it around to each other and see if someone is interested in checking out your music. If so, we’ll give you a place to send it.

If you DO NOT have recorded music beyond your Myspace page, that’s fine! Just get in contact with us and we can try and write something based on just the Myspace songs. We’ll do our best to promote!


We started our online magazine to promote music and added more things as we went along. So FAR (as this is being written) we have not had a music related contest, but would LOVE TOO. If you have a C.D/E.P., t-shirt or other merch, or anything else to give away, let us know! If you already have an idea for a contest and just want to promote through our site, that’s fine! Just get in touch. 


Now this is a bit harder because I definitely don’t see as many concerts as Keaton and I’m sure she ends up seeing certain ones, but if you want a live review…let us know dates and whatnot and if one of us can make it to see you live, then we’ll try! Can’t make any promises though.


Okay, so…I just basically covered the basics. If you have any other ideas or ways you’d like to be promoted (including Guest Blogs where you talk about your band or any other topic) please let us know! We’d love to help.


Now, for the authors…this is NOT just a YA Book Review Blog. We will read and review YA, Adult, and we’ll take any genre. Right now, though, we’d like it if your book was NOT self-published, just to narrow down on some things.


Again, we would love to receive copies of your novel to read and review. We can’t promise a review by a certain point, since I (Lauren) am the main book reviewer at the moment and sometimes life gets hectic…but your book will MOST LIKELY be reviewed at some point. If it’s imperative or you’d really LOVE too have it reviewed by a certain time, let us know and we will try our best. 


We do interviews. Right now we do them via Myspace, Email, or AIM. No in-person or over the phone…but that might change in the future. Just let us know if you are interested in an interview and we’d love to set that up.


Many reviewer blogs have these and I honestly enjoy reading them. It’s an author’s chance to talk about their book, being an author, etc. etc. and having a different audience, perhaps, be able to get to know them and learn about their work. If interested, again, please just let us know and give us a book site or Myspace so we can check you out!


I love doing contests and I know they often attract a lot of people, so if you have a book coming out and want to promote it more or just feel like holding a contest, please get in touch and we’ll work something out.

Mark it Up: Some authors might know this idea, but we’ve had a lot of marked up books given away recently…and would love to have authors give more away, whether on our blog or on their own blog/Myspace. The idea is to have the author take their book and write comments about the book and the writing of the book inside the margins….who is your favorite character? Was someone originally going to be named something else? Do you have a favorite line? Favorite section? Etc. etc.


Okay, I have never done this before but I liked the idea because I’ve seen musicians interview musicians, etc. and I’ve seen a ton of authors interview other authors on their own blogs…so why not try something here every now and then? So if you are an author and would like to interview another author, please let us know and we’ll try and contact the other author as best as we can to see if they would be interested. Once the interview was done, we’d post it on our blog and the two authors involved can post it wherever they wish as well.


Carol said...

wow this is an awesome idea. i can't wait to see what bands and authors you interview/review. If you need help reviewing books, I can help you.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Thanks Carol! I appreciate the feedback and glad to know you are excited. :)
Thanks for the offer as well. I might just get in touch with you at some point for help off and on.