Friday, June 13, 2008

Book Review: 100 Girls

100 Girls
Words by: Adam Gallardo
Pictures by: Todd Demong
3 Stars
Review by: Lauren

Written in the form of a comic book, 100 Girls was a very quick read. Sylvia was adopted and even skipped a couple grades. But those are not the main reasons Sylvia is different from her fellow classmates: she’s super strong and could beat up someone twice her size!

The story starts out with Sylvia having strange dreams of girls in tubes calling out to her. Later that day, she’s suspended for getting into a fight and she overhears her parents speculating about her strange behavior. Feeling like they no longer want her, Sylvia sneaks out and comes about a strange person…herself.

The book goes back and forth between various perspectives, including Sylvia and her new cohorts as well as a group of people that seem to know much more about Sylvia and her new found powers then Sylvia does.

100 Girls, as I said, was a very quick read. I’m not a big comic reader, so reading a book set up in this way was definitely interesting, allowing the story to be seen a lot more then heard. For awhile, I was pretty confused, as was Sylvia, so it wasn’t something I worried about too much. I just continued to read. As the book goes on, you slowly start to unravel this mystery and become more intrigued with Sylvia. As of now, I’d say it’s a satisfactory read and I’m highly interested in what happens next.

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Breanna said...

Sounds like a pretty decent book. Good review though, and I love cover. It looks so neat. =)


Oh and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I'm excited I finally started one.

Liviania said...

I read several comics, so I might like this one, but I usually avoid new series unless I can get them through the library. Having a comic hobby is more expensive than crack.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Breanna: Thanks! yeah, I liked the illustrations a lot.
And no problem! It's nice to see you in the blogging world. :)

Livinia: Yeah, you might like it a lot then! And it's set up like a book, so it would be like reading a book series I'm sure.


Breanna said...

I like how I forgot to add "the" when I said I love the cover, lol.

But yeah, I'm excited to be in the blogging world!

Leigh said...

yea I read that book/comic when I was in middle school I loved it and couldnt wait for the 2nd book to come out! I am in high school now and still havent seen the second book :( lol its a great story base but I'm not sure the author is writing the 2nd book. If anyone finds out that there is a 2nd book please post the name I would love to find out what happens next!