Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th: Contest!

Alright, we did a contest for this awhile back for Mark it Up May and the winner hasn't gotten back to us...SO...I figured why not do a whole different contest today, Friday the 13th.

The book: Back Talk by Alexandra Richards
Marked up? Yes, it is! (The Last of now.)

PAST WINNERS: No, your books have not gone out yet, but I hope to have everything out this coming week. I'm sorry for the delay. It just hasn't been easy to get things mailed out here recently.

SOO...for this contest, what do you have to do?
I want you to read the things that are posted from Pluto Revolts Interview and ON and comment! Basically, once the contest is over, I will pick a random post and pick one winner from that bunch, so you don't read and post on as much as you can!

Contest Ends: THIS coming Monday at Midnight EST.

-More will be posted tonight. Book review will go up for one.


Breanna said...

Oooh, I'm totally getting to commenting!



Marjolein said...

just read the interview with Pluto Revolts: such a great interview!!
wish you a great weekend!


Bunny B said...

Great contest :)