Friday, June 13, 2008

Shooting Stars Compilation: FREE MUSIC!

We posted about this awhile back, but it's nice to post every now and then to remind people...especially any and all new readers we have (IF we have any! LOL)
Basically, we got 7 different bands to allow us to put up one of their songs so people can listen and download...for FREE. So here are the links to all the songs, as well as our Album Covers (made by Annie) and a list of all the band's myspace add them and tell them we sent you if you have Myspace! If not, download the songs anyway and post what you think here!

First 4 Songs!

Last 3 Songs!


Breanna said...

I'll be checking those out. I'm sure the music is great!


Lenore said...

I love checking out new music - so thanks for this :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

No problem, girls! Spread the word. Post back if you like something. :)


Elainareads said...

Hey this is really cool!