Thursday, July 17, 2008

Contest: The Comeback Season

*Previously posted on Myspace...this contest is being run by Jennifer E. Smith herself!*

In honor of the recent publication of The Comeback Season,
and the amazing season the Cubs are having this year....

The Comeback Season

1st Prize: 2 tickets to the Cubs vs. Astros game on 9/3/08 at 7:05 at Wrigley Field

2nd Prize: A marked-up copy of The Comeback Season, with notes from the author

3rd Prize: A signed copy of The Comeback Season

There are three ways to win!

1. Let me know that you told at least 10 people about the contest via blog or email

2. Send a photo of you reading the book

3. Send a receipt showing that you bought the book

Send all entries to

Winners will be chosen on August 12th, 2008 by random drawing

(* If you win 1st prize, but don’t live in Chicago, you can opt for the Cubs tickets to go to the next person, and you’ll get a marked up copy of the book instead, plus another YA book of your choice!)

Good luck, and go Cubs!

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Beth Kephart said...

Hello, Shooting Stars.

Thank you for your posting on Bookluver. I'd be happy to send along a HOUSE OF DANCE if you think you might like a review copy.

Please do visit me at my blog, and let me know.