Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interview: Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake Interview
By: Lauren
Questions: Lauren and other Fans

JR of Less Than Jake kindly allowed us a few minutes of his time to answer some fan questions about their personally run new label, as well as their latest album that brings it back home,GNV FLA.

1.Does the new album go back to your old ska roots or will it be more pop punk like In with the Out Crowd?

You give it a listen and tell me.

2.What are some of your favorite bands that you’ve met while touring?

Reel Big Fish. The Academy Is..., The Higher and that's about it.

3.What are your thoughts on the music scene these days? Are there any up-and-coming bands you are fans of?

The Higher, The AKA's, There For Tomorrow, Houston Calls, Suburban Legends, The Swellers. All awesome bands that are doing original things. You need to know about em.

4.When you’re not playing shows on tour, what else do you do to pass the time?

Watch a lot of baseball. it rules.

5.The band has played a lot of shows in their career thus far. What have been some of the most embarrassing stage moments?

That one time Chris shit his pants and it fell out his shorts and a slipped in it. It was awesome.

6.Out of your own songs or someone else’s, what lyrics do you hate the most?

Anything Cute is What We Aim For or Panic at the Disco has written are tied for worst lyrics yet.

7.What was the weirdest attire you have worn on stage?

Probably when we dressed as cops for the Bamboozle East. That was awesome.

8.Many bands seem to skip Cincinnati, Ohio when touring to play shows in Cleveland or Columbus. Do you think you will play Cincinnati during your next tour? What are your thoughts about the city/venues?

Cincy rules. we usually play there. just not this summer. kinda weird if you ask me.

9.How did all the bands come together for the Shout it Loud tour?

Me and Kelly Lemiuex from Goldfinger had an arm wrestling contest. If he won, we went on tour together. If I won, we fight like in 300. Well....guess what happened.

10.The band formed Sleep It Off Records, where your new album is being self-released. What made you decide to do this? Any plans to add other bands to the label?

Cause we were sick of paying other people to do the work we were doing ourselves anyways and not gonna sign anyone just yet. Maybe in the future.

11.What ultimately led you to use your hometown as a muse for this album?

Cause we couldn't agree on anything else.

12.Is the basis of the album about looking back on your life growing up or are the songs actually reverting back to that time period?

It's actually a full circle approach. It's old, but new. You should listen to the record.

13.How do you honestly see the city of Gainesville nowadays?

The ville is the only place you can still get wasted for 10 bucks. Now that is a good place to call home.

14.You seem to address many people on the album. Who are some of the people you focused on and why did you feel they needed to be included?

We address everyman. Everyone has the same fears of living, dying, not making an impact in life, being alone, etc. We address ourselves basically. If you can't live by the words you sing then you probably shouldn't sing them.

15. When writing the album, were you hoping to use your hometown as a metaphor for the rest of the world as well? Any particular messages you wanted to convey, or do you wish the listener to figure it out themselves?

We want the listeners to go and listen to the record by any means necessary. Thanks.


Carol said...

Hmm... I check them out. I liked his answer to question #5. It was funny and embarrassing! :)

Liviania said...

I love Less Than Jake! Nice interview.

I want the album now.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Carol: Oh, did you check them out? I hope you like it!

Livinia: I like them as well. Glad you liked the interview and definitely think about getting the album. It's good!


heatherchristine said...

I love LTJ! I didn't know they had a new album, i'm definitely gonna check that out.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

heatherchristine: Yeah, check it out. Good Stuff!


Evan said...

Lauren that was awesome..... the new album is pretty sweet, although sometimes it feels as if the horns were overused in order to compensate for In With The Out Crowd, but all in all it was great.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Evan: Thanks, glad you liked it. And that would make sense, I suppose, but at least you like it overall! I listend too the whole thing on the internet, but I haven't gotten the actual album yet....good stuff though. :)