Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ohhh...It's a Secret!

Alright, Chelsea from The Page Flipper and I are currently setting up a really special project. We can't give details now but I wanted to state a couple things:

1. Authors/Musicians/Other People of this Nature-Get in touch if you want more details. We'd love to include you if you wish!

2. Everyone save your money! ;-)

All will be explained soon. Don't worry.


whatvanessareads said...

I wonder what you and the Page Flipper are up to... haha.

I know it must be good!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I hope you think so when you find out!! But we definitely think so! :)


Chelsea said...

Yeah, I hope so too! :) Until then, lips are sealed. Heh. That's harder than it sounds, too.

Amy said...

oh the suspense!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Chelsea: Oh, so so so true!

Amy: teehee! We apologize...but definitely heed our advice and keep checking back!!!


Amber said...

I'm extremely intrigued!!

Erin said...

Well...I am an actress/singer/dancer....but not professionally (well, unless you count the audio books I'm about to record for a publisher). Anyway, I've no idea if you could use me for whatever it is you're doing, but if you want to contact me, feel free: mimagirl(at)gmail(dot)com