Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Psych: August 1 Recap

Psych Episode from Friday, August 1.
Written by: Lauren

The Mystery: Shawn and Gus have to find out who is sabotaging a famous Dare Devil before one of his dangerous tricks leaves him not just injured, but dead. While these two work their 'magic', Jules is set on a mission to find Lassie a girlfriend...yes, this can only end badly.

What I thought: I love Psych and I pretty much enjoy every episode of the show that I see. I'm not big on dare devils, such as Evil Knevil (is that even spelled right?!), so that aspect of this episode didn't grab my attention...however, the show was still amazing due to the mystery and humor we find in every single episode. The main thing that I enjoyed about this episode is that they focused on a really emotional and deep subject, which I won't go into here...you'll have to see the episode for yourself (and I know repeats are hard to find, so if you really want to know, let me know and I'll email you or something!)

I wasn't writing down quotes as I watched this time around...but if people like this idea and I'm able to keep up with it (as best as I can) I'll try to include quotes with my recap for your enjoyment...and amusement of course!

Psych is on USA Friday's 10 P.M. Eastern
Next episode: This Friday!


paperxxflowers said...

Thanks! I like them too :] lol

I figured... I already do it for other people... why not post them up on my blog aswell?

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Very true very true.


Anonymous said...

I do love Psych...
Though Monk is better!
Great review.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Emily: Thanks! I've never really seen Monk...just bits and pieces. Psych is definitely my preference. Did you watch last night's episdoe?
Have you ever read the Monk books?