Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday...Back to Tuesday: Hugh Laurie

Alright, so Thursdays are supposed to be Thursday Threads (clothing lines, crafts, etc.), right? Well...we don't have anything set up for this Thursday we'll go back to Tuesday's subject, TV, and talk about a current TV star Hugh Laurie. You might know him these days from the show House. I don't watch this religously and for a long time, I never watched it, but I do enjoy the odd episodes I catch a lot...House is a crazy, sarcastic guy and I love it!

But I'm not writing about Hugh Laurie to talk about House. I'm here to discuss some things about Mr. Laurie that you might not already know!

First off, Hugh Laurie isn't just a TV star. This might not surprise you...a lot of actors and actresses aren't these days, but did you know he was Stuart Little's dad?

Yep, it's Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2.

Going back to TV...did you know Hugh Laurie is actually British? He used to do a comedy skit show with actor Stephen Fry called A Bit of Fry and Laurie. It's quite hilarious from the clips I've seen and Laurie does a lot of are some clips to demonstrate!

Hugh Laurie singing "Mystery"

Hugh Laurie singing a "savage, savage, angry" song called "Where is the Lid?" know that Hugh Laurie acts in movies, on TV, can do a great American accent, sings, plays the piano, and writes his own songs...what else? Well, did you know he's also written his own book?

That's right...Hugh Laurie is a published author. His one and only book, as of yet, is called The Gun Seller.

I have read this book and would love to read it again as soon as I find the time. It's got mystery and humor all packed into one. At times, the book did become a bit confusing, but is definitely worth checking out, I believe, if the premise sounds good and/or you are a fan of Hugh Laurie.

To learn more about the book, go here!

There you go! Perhaps you already knew all this about Hugh Laurie...maybe you only knew a bit of it...and then again, you might be learning all this for the first time.
I'd love to know what you think about some of Hugh Laurie's past projects, House, or just him in general!
What did you know? What did you not?


Lenore said...

I love him on the show House!

Trish said...

I've wondered about the book! I'll have the check it out--sounds like a lot of fun. I've only watched House a few times, but Laurie cracks me up everytime he wins an award--seems like a really witty guy.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Lenore: I do as well. I must try and start watching it more when the new season starts. I tried too a bit more last year.

Trish: He does, definitely. And check out the book! I think it's worth a try at the least. You'll have to let me know what you thought if you read it soon. :)


Anonymous said...

I've have his book on my wish list, and I am a fan of the TV show.

Lisa said...

I knew all of this b/c I am a HUGE
fan of HUGH LAURIE'S. I think he is
an AMAZING actor and a sweet human
I NEVER miss HOUSE which starts season 5 on Tues. Sept.16th on FOX at 8 p.m. EST. Note the time change.
Will Wilson forgive House for Amber's death???
Will 13 get a personality?
Watch and see and ENJOY the priviledge of watching Mr. Hugh Laurie perform.
Oh and cross your fingers that Hugh FINALLY wins that EMMY!!!!


Lisa said...


Carol said...

I love the show House! He's so hilarious and sarcastic. I knew he looked familiar; I've seen Stuart Little many times because of my younger sister. I can't wait for the new season! :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Carol: I love House's humor in the show. One of the best shows. And yep, it kind of amused me when I realized he was Stuart Little's dad.

Lisa: Love the new name for Tuesday. He hasn't won an emmy for House yet? That's crazy! He definitely should. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. He is a great actor, I must agree. I hope you enjoy the new season and come back to chat!


Drew said...