Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TV Tuesday: One Season Shows

Okay...todays post on TV Tuesday's is about shows that only last one season. I hate when I start watching a show and loving the characters and then it just ends after only ONE SEASON! How awful is that? Yes, pretty terrible...

Two shows that I started to highly enjoy, which were cancelled after one season were The Class and Moonlight.

To honor those shows, here are a couple clips!

The Class


Discussion Time:
Did any of you watch these shows? What were your thoughts?
Also, what other shows that you loved only lasted one season?


Margay said...

I absolutely looooooooooooved Moonlight - I'm still upset they canceled it.

Ruth said...

I was sad to see Moonlight go, I really enjoyed it!

I try to avoid new series because it's so hard to take if they don't make it. I did watch Journeyman and was sorry to see that go as well.

Book Chic said...

For me, Wonderfalls was a fantastic show. Luckily, it's on DVD so I can watch the episodes whenever I want. It didn't even last a full season and got canceled after 4 episodes were showed.

That's really the only one I can think of cuz I don't watch TV terribly often, and the shows I do watch go on for more than a season.

Alea said...

I saw the second half of the class and have been waiting for it on dvd so I could see the beginning!

I like a lot of cancelled shows including Freaks and Geeks :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Margay: I am as well. I started missing a lot as the season went on, but I really did start to love it. My mom was quite upset it was canceled as well.

Ruth: Why do all the good ones go? LOL
I get what you mean about avoiding new shows. It really is hard to wonder if a new show you are starting to love will even continue on.

Book chic: I haven't heard of that one...so a dvd of just four shows? Well, I'm glad you get that at least!

I know what you mean. I'm not an extreme tv person either.

Alea: Is it coming out on DVD? I'd love that, but I hope you get to see the beginning at some point!

I thought of Freaks and Geeks when I posted this, but I haven't seen any of the episodes.


Margay said...

Well, a good thing is, I read online that they're looking to put Alex the gorgeous - I mean O'Loughlin - in a new series, so that will be good.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Margay: Yes, I did hear that as well. I hope the show is just as good. And agreed, he's very gorgeous. ;-)


Alea said...

I hope they release the class on dvd but I've never seen anything about it so far! I also liked Wonderfalls...another good one is the show Life As We Know it!

Shannon at Confuzzled Books said...

I loved Wonderfalls and I add Firefly to the list. Althought Firefly did get movie.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Shannon: Hmm...haven't heard of that one either!

Alea: That would be nice if they did. I really loved that show.
Oh, Life as We Know It. I enjoyed it a ton as well...and the song at the beginning was great.


J. Kaye Oldner said...

Ohhhh...Moonlight looks good. I stopped watching TV in 2008 so that I could read more. You give me something to look forward to in 2009...lol!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

J.Kaye: There really isn't a lot of great shows on these days. Alas, Moonlight was on last year and only lasted the one season...I blame the writer's strike. I think it confused people and nobody knew when episodes were on, so it didn't do as well...it seemed to be doing great in the beginning!


Book Chic said...

No, it was a mid-season replacement with 13 episodes that were filmed and everything, but FOX canned it after running 4 episodes because of low ratings (mainly due to the fact that they kept moving it around to different timeslots). I only caught it once or twice cuz I was usually at Stage Crew when they'd show it.

But the DVD set includes all 13 episodes, 6 commentaries featuring cast and creators/producers, two featurettes, and a music video. So very good DVD set for something that was canceled so quickly.

For Firefly, I only saw bits and pieces of it cuz my college roomie LOVED that show and had the DVD set and would watch it a lot, lol. I think that was actually another canceled FOX show too.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Book Chic: Oh, I get what you mean. That is a sweet DVD for something they didn't even show all of on TV. Very nice. That's a bummer they kept switching it around...that would not help the ratings. All their fault on that one.


Carol said...

I loved Moonlight! I can't believe they canceled! I was happy that Bionic Woman was canceled. That show was horrible.