Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Different Tastes: Joe Friday

Joe Friday
Interview by: Lauren

Joe's Myspace

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know when we post about music it usually falls under the pop/rock/alternative categories in some way. In the past, we have posted some stuff about rap/hip hop artists and simply titled it Different Tastes because we want to help out anyone who asks for our help as best as we can. Today's (or Monday's) Different Tastes artist is Joe Friday. Enjoy! A few more of these to come throughout September!

1. How did you first get into music? Were there any particular artists that you looked up too?

At first, I got into music because a lot of my friends were doing it, and I was always inspired by Jay-Z and the whole Rockafella phenomenon. At first I was more into wanting to be like the Damon Dash type guy, run the business and be the CEO, but so many of my friends had starting rapping, and it was such a fad, that around my senior year in high school, I had started secretly writing songs in my notebook in class. Then I linked up with one of my other friends in high school, my first producer, J.B. He was also kind of quiet and we were talking about it one day and I went to his house and made my first recording. I let my other friends hear it, and the rest is history, the movement kept evolving from there.

2. If you had to describe your sound to someone, who would you say it's most like?

Well, I would have to say my sound is, to me, non-geographical, but if I had to lean anywhere, more of an east coast style, but just the diversity and my natural southern region, some of my music comes off more southern with an east coast swag. My respect for all regions in terms of east coast, southern, west coast and even D.C. (go go music), makes me well diverse in any style, and I aspire to be good at all of them, because I fully understand every one of them. I would have to say my greatest strength is my diversity and being able to fully understand any market or region that I'm trying to put my music out to. Naturally, because my favorite rapper is Jay-Z, alot of people make those comparisons. However, my unique quality and style makes me sound like Joe Friday, The King.

3. You started your own label Streetrunnaz Ent. What made you decide to begin this project?

Again, I always aspired to be more of a CEO type figure and the more I became evolved as an artist, the more I realized that something was missing, and that void was the CEO thing. So, the idea of the whole Streetrunnaz thing was pitched by a Florida rapper, Lawless, and he had pitched to one of my closest friends and co-rappers, Young Dirt. He pitched as more of a group effort at first, and we kind of went off of it as a group for a while, because Dirty went into the Army and Lawless went off where ever he went and the name stuck with us, with the people I was rapping with, and I told them we were starting this project, and the name was stamped on almost all of the music we were making and putting out to the public, and we got such a buzz that when new artists came into our camp, they started branding the name too, to make it official. So, I did that.

4. What is your idea of success in the music business?

Different people have their own perception of what success is. So, just off the start, this is only my opinion, I think it depends on what you're in it for. Different people are definitely in it for different reasons. My personal idea of success is being able to be known by the masses, being fully understood about the music I'm making and have a following because of that. Also, in terms of financing, being able to put myself in a position to provide for not only myself, but my family and other families. So, success, for me would be that people understand my music and gravitate to it and being able to provide for my family and other families because of the job opportunities I will be able to offer.

5. Anything you want to add?

I'd like to thank God first and foremost for the talent I've been blessed with and all the other blessings that have directly come from that talent, and I'd like to thank my big brother, Young Dirt, my dad, Robert Broadnax, cause I just love him for every sacrifice he's ever made for me, the entire FMG staff, including, Uncle Jim, Kevin Coleman, Liynaa'a, Darius Cobb, J.B., CVP Productions (my DC connect), Lic Music, Brandon Canty, Blaze One, Deb Miceli, all my family from West End and Reidsville, North Carolina, and, of course, my fans.

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