Monday, September 8, 2008

Different Tastes: Sx-Fo

Interview by: Lauren


If you didn't see last Monday's edition of this, let me explain. We mostly focus on alternative/pop/rock when it comes to music, but we also want to do what we can for those that come to us or who were recommended to us. Because of that, I decided to have some Different Tastes pieces that will you give a chance to check out music more on the Hip Hop/Rap side, if that's what you enjoy.

1. You've been through a lot in your life thus far. How has that affected your music?

We'll honestly everything that has happened in my like good and bad has affected my music and I tremendously. I like to look at everything in my life as a stepping stone and a test from God. Anybody that know me personally can tell you the passion and love I have for God. And if you don't even know me and have the opportunity to really listen to my music you can feel the presence of god himself in them. I'm not trying to be a phenomenon or anything of that sort. All I want is for the world to feel my life. My music is my life. I've been thru a lot at a young age like being homeless at 19years of age, and having a child on the way with no source of income. All in while catching rides to visit my ill mom at the time in the hospital. I was literally at rock bottom. And I promised myself I would never allow myself to get into that position for as long as I live. That made me grow up early. Not because I wanted to. Because I didn't have a choice. So when you get a chance to listen to my music you will step into my life and feel my pain and understand me a little more as a man and a true artist.

2. Do you hope that people get any kind of message out of your music?

I hope people as well as artist get a message from my music as well as me as a young man. Some people feel like they have to go with the fad to fit in and never get a real chance to display to the world what's on their mind in that time period. Music is about feelings. Whether its a happy, sad, or angry emotion its still a human feeling. Music is suppose to make you feel good, Inspire you, or relate to you and your life. So if I can do one of those to every person who listens to my music then I'll feel like I gave a great inspirational message. And my job will be successful.

3. What do you feel makes your music different from others?

Yes, when I hear a homie from the hood come up to me and pull me to the side and tells me " Man, I can relate to that still in luv with you song, Its reminds me of my ex." Then I know I make a difference. The world doesn't need someone to tell them what needs to be done in there lives. We only need someone to relate to and inspire us to want to be better. And that's what I feel like I bring to music and to the world.

4. What are your future plans?

I plan to make a major impact is this world. I don't know what it will be but I know that God will show me the way and It will come to past. I just know I'm here for a special reason. And the world will hear what I have to say. So to be continued.

5. Anything else you want to add?.

Strait Jacket is coming soon!! And if buy my album it will be well worth your money. The album will take you on a ride. So fasten your seat belts because I'm coming.

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