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Interview: Stacy Deanne (Author)

Interview with author Stacy Deanne
Questions by: Lauren

1. What interested you the most about becoming a published author?

Well, simply I love writing. Writing is a part of me and what makes me happy. I wanted to share my stories and ideas with the world. I love the craft, but I am also a professional and believe that writing is to be treated as importantly as any other job, meaning you must put in the time. So, with the love I had for writing, I wanted to see my work in print and have my books out there for others to enjoy. I feel that if you write well enough, you should share your words with the world.

2. What has the feedback been thus far for your work?

I have to say very positive. I've never had anything bad said about my work (at least to me.) I have had some people who were negative towards me as a person. I experienced dealing with a lot of jealous people. I believe all authors do at some point in their careers. That bothered me until someone told me that if people aren't jealous of you then you're not doing anything of importance. It made me feel better once I realized that was true. Most of the people who were negative towards me were unpublished writers. They should see me as someone not to envy, but to see as leverage for them to continue towards their goal. I am not here to be their competition. I’m doing my own thing regardless and no one’s negativity will impact that whatsoever.

3. Your novel Melody came out this past June. Could you explain the book a bit for those that haven't heard of it?

Melody (Simon and Schuster) is a suspense, thriller and mystery rolled into one. It is also a two-part story focusing on two sisters. Melody is the main character and she is connected to both stories. Melody is convinced that her sister's new boyfriend is a menace and goes on a quest to learn more about him. She doesn’t realize that he is very dangerous and ends up getting more than she bargained for by getting into his business. Meanwhile, there is a serial rapist attacking the black women in Melody’s town, Albany, New York. Melody believes that her best friend is the rapist’s next target.

There’s a lot going on in this book, let me tell you. Melody deals with the subject matter of rape so it can get uncomfortable at times but so far everyone tells me they enjoyed it and that it’s very realistic and entertaining.

4. Who are some of your favorite authors? Favorite books?

Kay Hooper and Linda Howard are my favorites. I love Kay for her suspense and I love Linda because I fell in love with her writing so much that I learned to put up with romance, LOL. I'm sorry but I am not a romance fan at all. I like romance in a story but I don't like a book that has only one plot, "boy meets girl" then that’s all. You gotta give me a little more to chew on. Linda combines mystery and suspense with her romance. I admire Linda for that. I simply love Kay because she knocks out some super suspense novels and thrillers.

5. Would you say your work is YA, Adult, or has a crossover appeal? Why?

My books are for adults (regular adult fiction, not to mean erotica) but I see that these days, saying that doesn’t matter. People of any age are gonna read your books whether they should or not if they want to bad enough. Teens read more adult books anyway these days so it’s like the content doesn’t matter to them. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with children who aren’t at least teens reading my books. Then again, kids these days see and watch everything so it doesn’t seem to matter who your book is for. As for crossover appeal my books do have a crossover appeal (where teens are concerned) but they do include subject matter and language not suitable for very young children.

It’s funny but this brings up something that just happened. I recently had a book signing at a Barnes and Noble here in Houston and I observed that a lot of teenagers wanted to read Melody. I actually felt awkward because they were the ones snatching it from the table and I was like, "How old are you?" They would look at me like I was crazy and say they had to read the book and then begged me to sign it. The good thing was that they’d bring their parents by the table and they were just as interested as well so they didn’t hesitate buying the books. I didn’t pay attention to it anymore because I figured if the parents said it was okay for their kids to read then, that was that.

6. Anything else you want to add?

Yes I’d like to add that I am working on many things and very excited to announce that I began a detective series focusing on the officers from the Melody book. I’ve already completed two installments. I am very excited about this series because I fell in love with the officers so much that I had to write more about them. I hope everyone who hasn’t had a chance will check out Melody. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Also, I am in the process of possible film deals for my books as well as a possible play adaptation for Melody. Please visit the sites below to learn more about me.

Stacy's Website
Stacy's Myspace

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