Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shop for Free: Two New Books!

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I just added two new books that you can win in the Shop for Free giveaway. Link on the right sidebar (the grab bag). Click that and find out all the details. Come on and join in! You just might win!

The books added:

When Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris (hardback)
King Dork by Frank Portman (hardback)

P.S. If you want extra entries for this contest, feel free to post about it on a blog or myspace and post the link! You can also email it to 3 people and include me on the email (lauren51990 at aol dot com) and that works too! You will get THREE extra entries if you spread the word!


Diana Dang said...


Shooting Stars Mag said...

haha glad you think so! :)


keri mikulski :) said...

Love the bag link. Great idea.

perla said...

Hi Lauren,
I just wanted you to keep an eye out, I think the stars may align themselves for you this month! Meaning that even if you're name doesn't come out of the hat, I'll still make sure that you and the official winner are not disappointed this time;) I love your blog! Have you listened to David Sedaris on audio? I've been addicted for years to him in this format, and I'm going to see his lecture this Friday in Long Beach.

All the best,

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Keri: Thanks so much! I'm glad you think so. :)

Perla: secretive, but very exciting!
No, I haven't listened to him, but I think it would be great...I'll have to do that at some point in the near future. I hope you have a great time on Friday!!
Thanks for the comment,