Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday: My Dolls Australia

My Dolls Australia
Interview by: Lauren
My Dolls Website

It's our second week of Thursday Threads! Looking for a fun, original gift to give a friend or family member for their birthday, christmas, a wedding, or other celebration? Why not have a picture of theirs sculpted into a doll? My Dolls Australia does just that! And don't have to live in Australia to be able to buy this.

1.How did the idea for My Dolls first come about? Was the first models of actual people or celebrities?

The figure culture has been around for years. What people usually did before is like that they make one model of a celebrity or a figure and get it manufactured. As the cost to make a model is quite high, the only way that business can make money from this is selling thousands of copies of their original work. My Dolls’ idea is a challenge to the industry. We believe that every one should have own figure
customized like a star! All sculptures are designed to be unique and as individualized as possible, which make them perfect gifts for some one special or memorable moment in your life. In the beginning, we did make several mydolls for celebrities to give our clients a better idea of what mydolls’s team can do for them.

2. Do you sell celebrity dolls or simply ones based on photos sent to you?

We do not sell celebrity dolls, but we create mydolls for celebrities if ordered by clients. By just using photos as references, Mydolls’ professional designers and sculptors are able to customize sculptures that look just like anyone!

3. When people order, they can add a scene to their doll for an extra charge. What are some examples of scenes that people have asked for?

They can add cars, pets, plants and even structure as scenes to their mydolls.

4. There are a wide variety of dolls, especially for certain celebrations. Is there a particular type that is fairly popular?

Mydolls for birthday and wedding are quite popular at the moment. As Xmas is just at the corner, people start order mydolls as Xmas gift for their family and best mates.

5. What is the ordering process like for those who don't live in Australia? Are the prices the same or is there an addition for international orders?

For people do not live in Australia, they can also order mydolls from The order process and price are exactly same. In the future, we will have mydolls website for different counties and region to provide better shopping experience for people around the world.

** Picture taken from their website!


Sara said...

Haha, that was really cool! Something to give away for Christmas? =P


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sara: Oh, definitely. I think these are awesome and would love to have one!!!