Friday, November 14, 2008

Film Friday: Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In

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I think this movie looks great and would LOVE to see it, but it's not being released anywhere near me. What do you all think? If it looks good and is playing near you, you should all go see it for me since I can't! :)


A fragile, anxious boy, 12-year-old Oskar is regularly bullied by his stronger classmates but never strikes back. The lonely boy's wish for a friend seems to come true when he meets Eli, also 12, who moves in next door to him with her father. A pale, serious young girl, she only comes out at night and doesn't seem affected by the freezing temperatures.

Coinciding with Eli's arrival is a series of inexplicable disappearances and murders. One man is found tied to a tree, another frozen in the lake, a woman bitten in the neck. Blood seems to be the common denominator – and for an introverted boy like Oskar, who is fascinated by gruesome stories, it doesn't take long before he figures out that Eli is a vampire. But by now a subtle romance has blossomed between Oskar and Eli, and she gives him the strength to fight back against his aggressors. Oskar becomes increasingly aware of the tragic, inhuman dimension of Eli's plight, but cannot bring himself to forsake her. Frozen forever in a twelve-year-old's body, with all the burgeoning feelings and confused emotions of a young adolescent, Eli knows that she can only continue to live if she keeps on moving. But when Oskar faces his darkest hour, Eli returns to defend him the only way she can...

Swedish filmmaker Tomas Alfredson weaves friendship, rejection and loyalty into a disturbing and darkly atmospheric, yet poetic and unexpectedly tender tableau of adolescence. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is based on the best-selling novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is the inaugural release in Magnet’s “Six Shooter Film Series,” a series of six films highlighting the vanguard of genre cinema from around the globe. Five films will follow over the coming months: Nacho Vigalondo’s TIMECRIMES (Spain), Ollie Blackburn’s DONKEY PUNCH (UK), SPECIAL (US), BIG MAN JAPAN (Japan), and EDEN LOG (France).


Berkeley, CA: Shattuck Cinemas
Encino, CA: Town Center 5
San Diego, CA: Hillcrest Cinemas
San Francisco, CA: Bridge Theatre
San Rafael, CA: Smith Rafael Film Center
Santa Cruz, CA: Nickelodeon Theatres
Washington, DC: E Street Cinema
Huntington, NY: Cinema Arts Centre

Denver, CO: Mayan Theatre
Cambridge, MA: Kendall Square Cinema
Baltimore, MD: Charles Theatre
Portland, OR: Cinema 21 Theatre
Philadelphia, PA: Ritz at the Bourse
Austin, TX: Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
Dallas, TX: Angelika Film Center and Cafe
Seattle, WA: Guild 45th Theatre

Chicago, IL: Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
New Orleans, LA: Zeitgeist
Minneapolis, MN: Lagoon Cinema
Providence, RI: Avon Cinema

Louisville, KY: Village Cinema 8
Charlotte, NC: Manor Theatre 2
San Antonio, TX: Santikos Bijou @ Crossroads 6
Salt Lake City, UT: Broadway Centre Cinemas
South Burlington, VT: The Palace 9

Omaha, NE: Film Streams at the Ruth Sokolof Theater
Santa Fe, NM: The Screen
Nashville, TN: Belcourt Theatre

University City, MO: Tivoli Theatre
Columbus, OH: Gateway 8

Hartford, CT: Real Art Ways Cinema
Tallahassee, FL: Miracle 5
Indianapolis, IN: Keystone Art Cinema 7
Grand Rapids, MI: Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts
Taos, NM: Taos Film Society
Bend, OR: Pilot Butte 6 Theatres
Norfolk, VA: Naro Expanded Cinema

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