Friday, November 7, 2008

St. Jude Fundraisers: Seeking Non-Monetary Donations!

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You might know this already, but I'm a big supporter of St. Jude. I think what they do is amazing and it's always incredibly heartbreaking to see the videos of all those sick children. Because I love St. Jude so much, I joined my college's club Up Til Dawn, where we raise money for St. Jude through letter writing parties (people come together through an event and write letters to friends and family and that's how we get our money). But for the parties and fundraisers (to build up our budget) we look for giveaways of actual prizes or gift certificates to give out. It's something fun to do and gets people more excited about helping out.

The reason I'm writing this on here is because I'd love to know if you are a business, author, musician, or simply someone who will like to donate something for us to use. If so, leave a comment with your email or email me here: lauren51990 at aol dot com. Let me know what you would like to give and if I think it'll work, I'll let you know!

Remember: These are all college students!

Thanks so much for reading!! Please post this with a link to my blog anywhere you like to get the word out!


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