Tuesday, December 2, 2008

E.P. Review: Crash Coordinates

Ansible by Crash Coordinates
Review by: Lauren
Band's Myspace

Ansible definitely revolves around a space theme, in a completely non-geeky way. The cover art, lyrics, and even the name, which comes from the novel Ender's Game, give evidence to this fact.

The album kicks off with "A Radiant Composition" which is energetic and catchy. You'll find yourself singing along to the line "She's the Grim Reaper in Me" by no time! Next up, the band movies into a more dance-y feel with the track "Beyond These Atlantic Tides." During this song, the vocals have a slight Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) sound to them.

The third track "Reverie" slows things down a bit, leading you into my personal favorite "She Blinds Me like Medusa." The chorus is a definite sing-along! Nearing the end, the space references are kicked up a notch with "Torino Scale." Lyrics wise, it's one of the best in my opinion.

Finally, this album ends on a tight note. "Pompeii", based on the town that was ruined by a volcano, definitely uses its title correctly producing a big finale. It starts off with a nice, classical feel before really kicking off. As the final and longest song, it seems to put all aspects of the tracks beforehand into one.

Crash Coordinates has unique vocals and a new sound. It's very obvious they are trying to do their own thing, and I feel they put out a good effort in this album.

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