Friday, December 19, 2008

Prize Pack #1: Little Girls

Again, I'm very sorry about the delay in getting this posted, and it's still only the first part of this contest! The rest will be up this weekend, I swear!

This first "gift basket" is for young girls. I won't say a specific age. I think everyone can decide that on their own based on the prizes.

First up, we have some nailpolish and nailpolish remover from Piggy Paint, which is a company that sells these cute polishes and removers that are "non-toxic, odorless, and kid friendly." The one included in this prize pack is this!


Next up, we have a $25 gift voucher from Hannah's Tutus. Whoever wins will have this emailed to you. It can be used at their site.

Finally, this prize pack will include 6 ladybug cupcake wrappers from Yummycuppycrafts. Her shop can be found here!

If you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter, goddaughter, family friend, etc. who you think might like all or some of these items, please enter this contest!

DEADLINE: December 30, 2008 at 11:59 EST
Ways to Enter:
+1 for commenting
+2 for following my blog already (just let me know!)
+1 for following my blog NOW (let me know!)
+5 if you go and buy something from one of these places (email receipt or proof of purchase to Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com)

Another item from Hannah's Tutus:



Jena said...

I want to win this for my niece!

Jena said...

oh, and I follow your blog through my Sage reader.

Diana Dang said...

I would love to join! I followed your blog for awhile but not through Blogger itself. I just have you on my sidebar of my blog if you remember. =)

Evie said...

Aww, the prize pack is so cute! Please enter me. I also posted on Plus I'd love to follow your blog. Your posts are friendly and the people that follow your blog seem kind as well. Just what I need as a newbie!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Evie: Thank you so much!! It's good to meet you. :)


Meredith said...

This prize pack would be really great for my niece!

I am already a follower through Blogger.


Liviania said...

Not sure whether I should win it for my niece or baby cousins!

ddurance said...

This sounds like something my six year old would love!


Callista said...

I'd love to win this for my daughters. I am already a follower through google reader:)

Brimful Curiosities said...

Adorable. My daughter loves to get all girly. This prize would be perfect for her.

bamabelle said...

I would like to win this for my daughter, who is the queen of all girly-girls. She would love this!

Thanks, and I joined as a follower.

danie88 said...

Please enter me in the contest!

I just joined as a follower :)


ChristyJan said...

I have just the perfect little girl in mind for this prize pack.


ChristyJan said...

I follow you now