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HUGE Giveaway Extended: Aug. 22

The huge giveaway (read the reminder post a few posts down for more details) has been extended until Friday, August 22 so if you bought the book...send in a photo. And if you haven't, then you should because it's amazing and you could win some awesome gift cards if you send in proof of purchase too:


Interview: Twilight's Justin Chon

Genre of the Month currently has an interview with actor Justin Chon posted. If you don't know...he will be playing Eric in the upcoming film version of Twilight. We did an interview with him before he started filming a few months back...and I will try and edit this post later with a link, but if you want it, please feel free to comment and I'll work faster!
However, now that filming is over we interviewed him for Vampire Month...head on over and read/comment and show Justin your support. Gotta give the humans love too, right?! RIGHT!

If the link doesn't work...simply go too:

Harry Potter Mania Lives On!

Remember the book of fairytales that J.K. Rowling wrote called The Tales of Beedle the Bard? It will be released on December 4, 2008 and can be preordered now on

Also...the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out. You can watch it below. Thoughts? Opinions? I'm super stoked for this one! It's my second favorite book out of the series (with number three coming in at number one!)I personally love the trailer and it makes me super excited for the film. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the conversation between Dumbledore and Harry at the end. Very chilling in a way.
I also read last night that young Tom Riddle is played by Ralph Fiennes' nephew (Voldemort). And I'm pretty sure older Tom Riddle is being played by Ralph's brother. Pretty cool, eh?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Computer Down...+ Sucks to Be Me Contest

My personal computer is not working, so unless it gets fixed soon or we are able to get a new one...I might not be online as much. I wanted to forewarn everyone in case you are trying to get ahold of me...I'll try and get online as much as I can.

The Sucks to Be Me giveaway will continue until later...I swear I'll pick a winner soon, but you get some extra time to enter if you wish.

Keep entering the Tantalize giveaway and I hope you enjoy the music you must listen too to enter. Remember: If you like what you hear, add them on Myspace and tell them we sent you!!

Anyway, I think that's about it. Comment please and I'll write back soon!

Be Awesome Contest: Help Wanted

I had this idea of a contest, at the moment being referred to as the "Be Awesome" Contest and the idea is to Be Awesome in two ways:

1. The main way to be awesome is to donate money to a charity, help out a friend in need, babysit a sibling without fuss or even without being paid, or anything else you can think of. It can be a one-time thing if you like, but the more you do (no matter how big or small...) the more entries you will get into the contest.

2. The other way to Be Awesome is to spread the word about the blog, Shooting Stars, and most importantly...the idea of this contest.

Those are the basics, but the contest isn't going on YET, because we still need to work some stuff out. For long should this last? A month? Two? Leave a comment and let us know what YOU think!

Also, I have some ideas in mind for the prize (which will be a prize pack with a mix of items...) but we'd love to include anything that anyone is willing to donate (authors, musicians, etc.) Anything and everything is game. If we get more than enough donations....we might even give away two prizes. We'll just have to see!

In thanks for anyone willing to help out...I promise to review (if the item is something that can be reviewed) the first three things that are donated (if you say you wish to have it reviewed) and of course, all the items in the prize pack will be listed for all to see (to further promote you and your awesomeness!)

I think that covers most details. Please leave comments on what you think/how long you think the contest should last and get in touch if you have something to giveaway.
And the emails are at the top of the blog!!!


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New Undone Contest

Still haven't gotten a copy of the novel Undone by Brooke Taylor but want another shot at winning it?
Then head on over to Harmony Book Reviews to try your hand at this contest!

Junior Year: Books I've Read

Does anyone ever keep track of all the books they read in a year or even a certain time period? For the past couple years, I wrote down all the titles/authors of the books that I read during a school year...and these were only books read for fun and not for school.
Anyway, I found the list for my Junior year of High School in my room last night and figured it would be fun to show what books I read then. If you've read any of these, let me know what you thought, and if you haven't...but want too...feel free to ask what I thought (if I can remember, I'll try and let you know!)

1. Prep-Jake Coburn
2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower-Stephen Chbosky
3. Running with Scissors-Augusten Burroughs
4. How to be Good- Nick Hornby
5. America- E. R. Frank
6. A Clockwork Orange- Anthony Burgess
7. Holidays on Ice-David Sedaris
8. High Fidelity-Nick Hornby
9. Hey Nostradamus!-Douglas Coupland
10. The Picture of Dorian Gray-Oscar Wilde
11. My Sister's Keeper- Jodi Picoult
12. The Lovely Bones- Alice Sebold
13. Will's Choice-Gail Griffith
14. The Pact- Jodi Picoult
15. Hairstyles of the Damned-Joe Meno
16. All Families are Psychotic-Douglas Coupland
17. School Shooter: In Hiw Own Words-Mark Frye
18. On the Road- Jack Kerouac
19. Survivor-Chuck Palahniuk
20. King Dork-Frank Portman
21. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time-Mark Haddon
22. Magical Thinking-Augusten Burroughs
23. Possible Side Effects-Augusten Burroughs
24. The Tenth Circle-Jodi Picoult
25. Post Office- Charles Bukowski
26. Equus-a play by Peter Shaffer
27. Keeping Faith-Jodi Picoult

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The Temptress Four Contest at Reviewer X's!

Want a shot to win The Temptress Four by Gaby Triana?
Just head on over to Reviewer X's blog to find out more...and if you hear about the contest from me, please say I sent you! It would be marvelous of ya!

Go and enter!

Huge Giveaway Reminder

Don't forget to enter the HUGE giveaway. All the details can be found here if you would like to know more.

It says the deadline is Wednesday, July 30, but it's really Thursday, July 31 (end of the month). I put the wrong date on accident.

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VP Song of the Day: Annie Lennox

Another Vampire Song of the Day (sorry I haven't posted that many...I hope to get a few more up before July is over)is "Love Song for a Vampire" by Annie Lennox. The song goes along with the movie Dracula...based on the book by Bram Stoker. Thoughts? Have you seen the movie? I have not, but hopefully I'll get the chance too soon.

Tantalize Contest

For the shot to win the paperback copy of Tantalize, all you have to do is enter by next Friday, Aug. 1 at Midnight Eastern. The winner should be posted on August 2, the day another vampire novel is released....Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.
This is the last contest for me for Vampire month, so enter enter enter!!!

Now...HOW do you enter? On my blog, as you all should know if you regulary visit, we don't just focus on books...but music, movies, and other such things. We like to promote and support a wide variety of things...and will continue to do so with this contest.

All you have to do is check out this band on Myspace called The Remorse Code.
Once you do, leave a comment stating what you thought...and if you have Myspace, feel free to add and talk to the band yourself (but you don't have to add them...not part of the contest).

Thank you and here's the myspace link: The Remorse Code

If you add them, tell them we sent ya!!! :)

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Interview: Kimberly Pauley

Kimberly Pauley
Interview by: Lauren

1. What led you to the idea of making a vampire story that was funny?

Well, probably the biggest thing is that I tend to write "funny" vs. "serious" in anything novel length (though my short stories all seem to wind up crime fiction or science fiction, oddly enough). But I was also just brainstorming one night and thought it would be fun to turn a normal vampire story on it's head. Most vampire stories take themselves very, very seriously.

2. How long did it take you to write the novel? Was it longer or shorter then you expected it to be?

Probably about six months. I wasn't really keeping track exactly and various things interrupted it. Some days I can write quite a bit, others I get maybe 200 words out. For me, it is a good day if I get 1,000 or more words onto paper. Well, onto the screen, I guess, since I type everything. It took about as long as I thought it would based on my normal writing output (I'd be a lot more prolific if I didn't have so many hobbies or, now, without a baby to slow we down).

3. What has the advance feedback been like thus far?
Really great! I'm very excited. I've already gotten a couple of really cute emails and letters from kids and teens (the youngest so far was 10, which is a little younger than I thought the book would appeal to, but hey, everyone reads at different levels). It is so cool to hear form people what they think about the book. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that. And the book was also nominated for the ALA 2009 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers list, which is very, very cool. I'll find out later this year whether or not it makes it onto the list.

4. Did you get any advice on being a debut author from anybody? If so, what did the say?

Hmmm, not specifically for my situation. I've actually asked pretty much every author I've ever interviewed what their advice is for new writers (see the Interviews section on YABC). Their advice is pretty much what I'd say myself: read a lot. write a lot. be open to constructive criticism.

5. You run YA (and Kids) Book Central. How has helping other authors promote their work contributed to being an author yourself, if at all?

Well, I guess you could say I have an appreciation for how difficult it is to get the word out about a book and how much promotional work it can take. There are hundreds upon hundreds of new books out there and there has to be a reason for someone to pick your book up -- whether it is because they saw it reviewed somewhere or they just liked the cover or a friend recommended it. And if your book doesn't sell, then you have an even harder time selling the next one (and it's hard enough selling the first one!). Writing is a hard business and it isn't for the faint of heart. And it takes a lot of patience. Sucks to Be Me was written in 2005 and here it is, finally coming out in 2008.

So get out there and support your favorite authors -- buy a book or tell a friend!

6. If you had to describe Sucks to Be Me in three words, what would they be?

My husband calls it a "vampire bat mitzvah" story. Which I suppose it kind of is. :-)

7. What is something about the novel that might surprise people?

Oh, this is a hard question! I've read it over and over so many times during re-writes that it is hard to think of anything The only surprising thing I can think of I don't want to mention, since it would give something big away. How about just that vampires are people too, and can be just as boring or silly as the rest of us.

8. Do you listen to music at all when you write? If so, what did you listen too?

Sometimes. If I mention some music in the book, like during the scene where George and Nathan are jamming on guitars, I listen to that kind of music. Otherwise, I either listen to something kind of ambient (like Portishead, Morcheeba, Leonard Cohen, Amy Winehouse, or K. T. Tunstall) or nothing at all. I like pretty much every kind of music, except whiny country stuff (no offense to people who like country...I just had to live in Mississippi for a while when I was in high school and I seriously OD'd on it because it was all anyone listened to there at the time.).

9. Have you tried making a playlist for Sucks to Be Me yet? What songs do you believe would fit the book?

No, I haven't, but I totally should. The only song that comes to me off the top of my head is "In These Shoes" by Kirsty MacColl, mostly because it is one of my favorite songs and always makes me laugh. I think Mina would appreciate it, even if it is just a tad risque. I'll have to keep thinking on this and maybe get back to you later.

Remember to comment on here as well as the review on the Genre of the Month blog to be entered to win your own ARC of Sucks to Be Me! Contest ends Saturday, so hurry and enter!

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Sucks to be Me Review + Contest!

Continuing vampire month, I have written up my own review for the novel Sucks to be Me by Kimberly Pauley. You can also enter for a chance to win an ARC copy of the book.

So go to
Genre of the Month
to check that out and enter!!!

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Win Undone by Brooke Taylor

Win A Copy of Undone by Brooke Taylor.
Just go to this link:
Reviewer X Giveaway

and leave a comment. If you find out about this through here...please say so in your comment when entering! I'd love you for life.

Watch the trailer to find out more about the book:

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Contest: The Comeback Season

*Previously posted on Myspace...this contest is being run by Jennifer E. Smith herself!*

In honor of the recent publication of The Comeback Season,
and the amazing season the Cubs are having this year....

The Comeback Season

1st Prize: 2 tickets to the Cubs vs. Astros game on 9/3/08 at 7:05 at Wrigley Field

2nd Prize: A marked-up copy of The Comeback Season, with notes from the author

3rd Prize: A signed copy of The Comeback Season

There are three ways to win!

1. Let me know that you told at least 10 people about the contest via blog or email

2. Send a photo of you reading the book

3. Send a receipt showing that you bought the book

Send all entries to

Winners will be chosen on August 12th, 2008 by random drawing

(* If you win 1st prize, but don’t live in Chicago, you can opt for the Cubs tickets to go to the next person, and you’ll get a marked up copy of the book instead, plus another YA book of your choice!)

Good luck, and go Cubs!

Interview: Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake Interview
By: Lauren
Questions: Lauren and other Fans

JR of Less Than Jake kindly allowed us a few minutes of his time to answer some fan questions about their personally run new label, as well as their latest album that brings it back home,GNV FLA.

1.Does the new album go back to your old ska roots or will it be more pop punk like In with the Out Crowd?

You give it a listen and tell me.

2.What are some of your favorite bands that you’ve met while touring?

Reel Big Fish. The Academy Is..., The Higher and that's about it.

3.What are your thoughts on the music scene these days? Are there any up-and-coming bands you are fans of?

The Higher, The AKA's, There For Tomorrow, Houston Calls, Suburban Legends, The Swellers. All awesome bands that are doing original things. You need to know about em.

4.When you’re not playing shows on tour, what else do you do to pass the time?

Watch a lot of baseball. it rules.

5.The band has played a lot of shows in their career thus far. What have been some of the most embarrassing stage moments?

That one time Chris shit his pants and it fell out his shorts and a slipped in it. It was awesome.

6.Out of your own songs or someone else’s, what lyrics do you hate the most?

Anything Cute is What We Aim For or Panic at the Disco has written are tied for worst lyrics yet.

7.What was the weirdest attire you have worn on stage?

Probably when we dressed as cops for the Bamboozle East. That was awesome.

8.Many bands seem to skip Cincinnati, Ohio when touring to play shows in Cleveland or Columbus. Do you think you will play Cincinnati during your next tour? What are your thoughts about the city/venues?

Cincy rules. we usually play there. just not this summer. kinda weird if you ask me.

9.How did all the bands come together for the Shout it Loud tour?

Me and Kelly Lemiuex from Goldfinger had an arm wrestling contest. If he won, we went on tour together. If I won, we fight like in 300. Well....guess what happened.

10.The band formed Sleep It Off Records, where your new album is being self-released. What made you decide to do this? Any plans to add other bands to the label?

Cause we were sick of paying other people to do the work we were doing ourselves anyways and not gonna sign anyone just yet. Maybe in the future.

11.What ultimately led you to use your hometown as a muse for this album?

Cause we couldn't agree on anything else.

12.Is the basis of the album about looking back on your life growing up or are the songs actually reverting back to that time period?

It's actually a full circle approach. It's old, but new. You should listen to the record.

13.How do you honestly see the city of Gainesville nowadays?

The ville is the only place you can still get wasted for 10 bucks. Now that is a good place to call home.

14.You seem to address many people on the album. Who are some of the people you focused on and why did you feel they needed to be included?

We address everyman. Everyone has the same fears of living, dying, not making an impact in life, being alone, etc. We address ourselves basically. If you can't live by the words you sing then you probably shouldn't sing them.

15. When writing the album, were you hoping to use your hometown as a metaphor for the rest of the world as well? Any particular messages you wanted to convey, or do you wish the listener to figure it out themselves?

We want the listeners to go and listen to the record by any means necessary. Thanks.

Nancy Haddock Guest Blog + Giveaway Cont.

Nancy Haddock Guest Blog and Second shot at entering the Giveaway!!

All you have to do is go to the Genre of the Month blog and comment on the Guest blog post. Another entry by commenting on her interview a little further down the page. Contest ends on Saturday. Winner should be announced on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Review: Invisible Touch by Kelly Parra

Invisible Touch by Kelly Parra
Review by: Lauren
Also reviewed for: TeensReadToo

Kara is haunted by the day her father passed away and she died for eleven minutes. She wakes up and finds that she now
has a unique ability to see signs on people that relate to something that will happen to them. The puzzles often don't make
sense for awhile, but she still has to keep at it or suffer severe headaches and the fact that she might be allowing someone
to come to harm.

As the story progresses, Kara starts a relationship with a guy who helps her out of danger during a gang fight, starts losing
touch with a best friend who has secrets of her own, and must figure out the new "vision" involving a gun before someone
is hurt.

INVISIBLE TOUCH is a unique storyline full of bi-cultural characters that are all well-rounded individuals. This book will
have readers flipping the pages as fast as they can to find out the next step in the puzzle, as well as the search to find out
more about Kara.

This book shows that when you're always looking to the future, you often forget to deal with the past.

An amazing, touching novel that deals with big issues in an original context.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

VP Song of the Day: My Chemical Romance

Sorry for the delay in my side of the Vampire month, but I'm finally getting around to posting stuff!
VP Song of the Day = Vampire Month Song of the Day.
Today we have "Blood" by My Chemical Romance.
More songs to come through the month of July.

Nancy Haddock Interview + Giveaway

For the Vampire Month (part of Genre of the Month that brings all of us book reviewers together...) I interviewed author Nancy Haddock about her book La Vida Vampire. To read that and enter to win a copy of the book, please visit the Genre of the Month site!

Click and Comment!

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Review: When You are Engulfed in Flames

When you are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris
Review by: Lauren

Sedaris’ latest book of short stories based on his life is a collection of funny, crazy, and thought-provoking moments. He discusses his friendship with a man accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, going all the way to Japan to try and quit smoking, a lot about his relationship with Hugh, and more.

Reading the stories you have to remind yourself that it all happened; that’s how bizarre some of these are, yet I loved practically every moment of it.

The humorous moments will resonate more with some than others, but I believe there’s a story for everyone inside of this book.

Kelly Parra and Catherine Ryan Hyde Winners

Meredith is the winner of the Kelly Parra contest...please email Kelly through her website...she left a comment on the contest post, so read that!

Thanks for entering everyone. Sorry we were late on picking a winner.

And the winner of The Day I Killed James by Catherine Ryan Hyde is rr2! Please email me here: with her addy and I'll pass the info along to Catherine!

Thanks for entering...again. A couple contests will be coming this month for the Genre of the Month: Vampires so keep checking back here and the blog:


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Melissa Walker Giveaway: Winner!

And the winner of Violet by Design is Nisha!!
Congrats and thanks for entering!

If you didn't win...don't forget to enter to win a 10 dollar iTunes card from Kelly Parra by entering today and enter Catherine Ryan Hyde's giveaway by tomorrow for The Day I Killed James.
And the HUGE giveaway is happening all month long, so look up the rules and enter enter enter!

And celebrate with Stephanie all THIS Stephanie's OWN Party!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Review: I Wanna be Your Joey Ramone

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert
Review by: Lauren

Emily Black was born to rock. Ever since she was little, she'd play records with her dad and even recieved her dad's old guitar as a birthday gift. For awhile though, Emily's reasons become slightly skewed. She wants to be tough, like she thinks her mom, Louisa, was...the one that left her as a baby to "follow the music." But growing older, and finding her own music, leads Emily to places she never saw herself in and she has to finally see whether or not running away, like Louisa did is really the best path...or if the music truly leads you home.

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone was a spectacular debut from an author that should definitely be watched. It included universal themes mixed with punk rock that never stops and a highly original plot. The novel was just long enough to fully show us all sides of Emily and her life, as well as Louisa and why she ultimately left her family behind. Told mainly in Emilys' point of view, it does have points where Louisa's journey is told through a third point of view, giving us a well-rounded tale of love, loss, and the true meaning of following the music. Many complicated subjects are dealt with, but are handled in a realistic fashion that leaves you turning the pages in a frenzy to find out what will happen next and if the characters you learn to love will make it through.

I recommend highly to mature or older teen readers and adults as well.

I'm sure my review can't do this book justice, but I honestly recommend. I loved the plot and I loved the characters. It's a must read, so read it! Enter the HUGE giveaway as well, and remember to enter the Guest Blog contests before they end! Thanks to everyone that helped out and go and support Stephanie on Tuesday!!! :-)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Guest Blog: Catherine Ryan Hyde

Guest Blog: Catherine Ryan Hyde

I’m hesitant to write a blog that will give away how incredibly old I am. But, anyway, here goes.

When I was fifteen, the queen of the music world was Janis Joplin. I adored her. So did my best friend Jerry Siminski. We loved her so much so that we flew standby from Buffalo to New York City to watch her do a taping of The Dick Cavett Show.

During a commercial break, Jerry wrote her a note, inviting her to come over anytime. We were sitting in the balcony. He folded it up, clipped his pen to it, and sailed it down onto the stage. If she’d minded, I’m sure we would have been bounced from the taping. But she thought it was great. She opened it. Read it. Said, “Oh, you rascal.” Then she wrote a note back.

No one will ever know what it said. When she tried to sail it up into the balcony, it hung up in a bank of studio lights.

As she was leaving the taping, Janis demanded that the lighting guy find it for us. But he never did. He tried. But it didn’t turn up.

Jerry was inconsolable. I tried to convince him that he would have other chances. He would see her again. I could not have been more wrong.

I actually saw her again, though. The following morning, waiting alone to fly standby back to Buffalo, I saw her flounce through the airport. Her entourage streamed behind her. So did the many feathers boas she wore. She carried an unlit cigarette in a foot-long holder. Her smile seemed sincere and maybe permanent. I thought she was happy. That she was having fun with her life. Looking back, I’m not so sure.

I should have called her name. Called out something. Maybe just, “Janis.” Maybe, “We love you.” She probably would have blown me a kiss. It would have been a moment I could keep.

It was barely two months later that I heard about her death on the morning news.

If there’s any point to this story, I guess it’s this: Call out. Yell, “We love you.” Lots of things last longer than Janis Joplin. But nothing lasts forever.

Comment by Monday, July 7th at Midnight EST for a chance to win The Day I Killed James by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Thanks for the Guest Blog!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Interview: Dana Fuchs

Dana Fuchs
Interview by: Lauren

Dana's Website

You might know Dana from the movie Across the Universe, where she portrayed the role of singer/landlady Sadie, but she has her own music beyond Beatles covers!

1.When did you first get into singing? Can you remember the first music you fell in love with?

I didn’t just get into it-I felt pulled into singing by my big sister. In fact, all of my brothers are musical too. They all still dabble in music but one of my brothers is still a great singer and drummer. But the difference is that I fell in love with all the big sis/big bro music plus my own heart’s music…which includes all my influences!

2.How many albums do you and your band have out at the moment? Where can people go about buying them?

I have my debut album “Lonely for a Lifetime” out (2nd printing available soon) and I released a live album this year called “Dana Fuchs: Live in NYC”. You can buy them on iTunes and CDBABY. Links to buy are on my site and Myspace.

3. If you could pick one statement about your music to have on the front of your album, what would it say?

Same Old Battle, Different Scars.

4.How did you end up being cast in Across the Universe? Have you done any other acting? Would you like too?

Julie Taymor wrote the party for me. Julie was given my name by the producers of “Love, Janis” and then she came and checked me out at a gig at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. After that, I did an on camera casting session at her request for another role she had in mind. That was about a year before ATU started production. It was for the party of The Death Goddess. (Think Tina Turner-upside down). So about a year after that interview, I got a call from Julie aand the script pages for Sadie kept following. And yes, I am and will be doing more acting…if you have guys have time I can tell you about how I’ve actually been acting longer than I’ve been singing…(!)

5.Was it hard to get into the role of Sadie? What did you do to prepare yourself for the movie, if anything?

I had an incredible relationship with Julie Taymor. She had a distinct vision for Sadie and it was based on her vision of me in the first place…Plus a late 1960’s Texan earth mother vibe that came 2nd nature. How did I prepare? I grew my hair and dyed it red. It was Baptism by fire. I bonded with my amazing cast mates. I let my spiritual heart go and worked my ass off on a 80 day shoot. I paid attention to Julie and my surroundings. It’s really a great question.

6.How was it to sing such infamous and classic songs? Did you have a particular favorite?

I absolutely love The Beatles. It feels like it’s a life’s honor to be able to represent those songs. But the songs deliver! “Helter Skelter” was mine to own…But “All You Need is Love” is my anthem…I cry every time I see that scene in the film between Jude and Lucy.

7.How was working with such a talented cast?

It was also an honor to work with the cast and crew of ATU. My castmates and I really fell in love with each other! Everyone, top to bottom, benefited from Ian and Dicks’ script and Julie’s vision for the film. I did have (Ahem) starstruck moments…working closely with Bono…But on the whole it was just a community Carnival-esque cast of people entirely true to the music of The Beatles and Julie’s vision. As for the music, Eliott Goldenthal is a hidden genius. Check it. I loved the music, my castmates and crewmates and frankly everyone I’ve met since doing the movie, including you! It’s officially a movement!

8.What was your favorite scene in the movie? Favorite line?

My favorite scene is the She’s So Heavy scene. Right about now, that image is deep. My favorite line is from the songs Across the Universe: “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup.” Otherwise from the film I like it when I say, “Main ryoom, living ryoom,” cuz it reminds me of my loved ones back home.

9.Any “behind-the-scenes” moments you can share about making the movie?

Yes! For you I will share that I met Joe Cocker in the studio! I got to record the scratch track from “Come Together” and he heard it and asked to meet me! So I met him in the studio in New York as he was in to record his part to replace my scratch track. Let me just say that it was a highlight of my life. As for ATU movie production, please read my blogs at my myspace page for a start. It’s all there!

10.What are you currently working on? Do you plan on touring in the near future?

I’ve been busy! I’ve been touring with Ray Davies and Dickey Betts plus my own headline shows plus a legendary weekend with Bob Weir and Ratdog at The Beacon Theater. (OMG) Right now I’m off the road for a few weeks writing new songs and getting prepped for my NY (Amagansett) and LA gigs. Then later in the summer I’m off to Europe for a big tour.

11. What are some of your favorite musical acts?

Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Boby Dylan, Tom Waits, Etta James, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Band, Joe Cocker, Tom Petty, Prince, Lucinda Williams, David Bowie, U2, Koko Taylor, Janis Joplin, Oh My God, Alice in Chains (RIP Layne), Elvis Costello, Led Zeppelin, Heart, 10,000 Maniacs, Melissa Etheridge…(Do you want to get coffee and keep talking?)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Song of the Day: Social Distortion

The Song of the Day for Tuesday is "Don't Take Me For Granted" by Social Distortion. I picked this song for a few, Social Distortion is one of the bands mentioned in I Wanna be Your Joey Ramone; two, this particular song is even mentioned; three, the beginning has Mike talking about losing a friend and how it happens so fast sometimes and I found it appropriate for Stephanie who just lost one of her friends; and four, I simply really really love this song and wanted to make it Song of the Day!

HUGE Giveaway Blog Reviewers

So...Breanna from B is for Books was wondering if the book reviewers donating a gift card could still enter. I figured we should sit it out, since we're a part of it...but then I thought: why can't they enter? They still have as much of a shot as anyone else, they get a gift card less if they win unless they give themselves one, and they STILL need to buy the book and support like everyone else.

Basically, I love them all for being so helpful and giving me a hand in doing this awesome giveaway...and I just want to let them know that YES, you can enter the contest. I figure I'm the one hosting I won't enter, but everyone else should have a shot too!

Now go and order that book and enter enter enter! It's up to 110 dollars in gift cards at the moment! WHOOOO!!!!

Thanks again girls,

Guest Blog: Kelly Parra

Like books music tells a story. It’s powerful. Sad. Vibrant. Angry. Wild. Like books, music makes us feel.

And I’m thrilled Stephanie Kuehnert wrote a novel to show us just how much music lives and breathes for her main character, Emily Black.

I grew up in the ‘80s where Madonna and Michael Jackson had me dancing around the living room floor imitating dance moves that would make others laugh. I didn’t dare believe I could write or play music, but it couldn’t stop me from dancing with an audience all the way until junior high.

What happened in high school? I moved away, and wasn’t as comfortable with these new kids around me. I couldn’t be myself. Oh, I still continued to dance to rap and techno that exploded in the ‘90s, but it was when I was alone, that I would draw and paint, and even write a little to the sorrowful words of REM and White Lion.

You see, I never favored only one type of genre of music. I loved it all and still do, and that’s why I began to collect movie soundtracks filled with various artists. I didn’t have enough money to buy all the artists I wanted, but I could buy a soundtrack filled with some of my favorite songs. Music from the ‘60s to the ‘90s, songs that made my heart squeeze and some that made me want to get up and dance alone in my room. :)

Even now, my iPod nano is filled with old songs that I still recall the words today as well as the new artists that can lift my mood with a few beats.

Like books, I don’t think we could live without the power of music. And kudos to Stephanie for bringing these two elements together in her awesome debut, I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE. :)

Here’s to Stephanie. :)

In celebration of Stephanie’s release, I’m giving away a $10 iTunes gift certificate. Leave a comment and you’ll be entered.

Kelly Parra is the author of the novel Graffiti Girl. She lives in a diverse agricultural town in Central California. Her next novel Invisible Touch hits shelves in September 2008. Visit her online at

ENTER BY: Sunday, Midnight EST to win the $10 iTunes gift card that Kelly is so awesomely giving away! Just post!

Genre of the Month: Vampires

Okay, please excuse me for disrupting Stephanie Kuehnert week, but I needed to go and post this! It is July 1 and starting today throughout the rest of the month, we are going to be focusing A LOT on Vampires. Most of the stuff will be on this blog:

Genre of the Month

Chelsea, formerly of The Page Flipper and I started planning Vampire Month and we wanted to continue to do Genres of the Month, hence the blog! Chelsea doesn't have her own reviewer blog anymore, but she's helping a TON with this, especially when it comes to organizing.

Anyway, bookmark that site and keep checking for some Vampire stuff we have planned and others as well: Kristi from The Story Siren was also involved with the plans and will be doing some of her own reviews!

The Compulsive Reader
is also having a Vampire Month...completely apart from this, but go and support her awesome idea as well!! Great minds, think alike, right!? LOL

Keep your eye on my blog through the month too, because NOT all things will be posted on the other blog. Obviously, we will have random stuff, but some Vampire stuff will still go on my blog. I'll try and link back and forth between the blogs though so you know what's been posted and where!

Thanks and enjoy Stephanie Kuehnert week!