Tuesday, January 6, 2009

4 Mini Movie Reviews

Ever since Christmas (which is when I saw Marley and Me), I've been going to the movie theatre a lot more. At the moment, these are the four films I have seen, including Marley. Have you watched these movies yet? Did you want too? Do you want too now? Share your thoughts/reviews in the comments!!

Marley and Me Pictures, Images and Photos

Marley and Me
Marley and Me is the story of a couple who, instead of having children right away, purchase a puppy and name him Marley. However, this isn’t your regular puppy and they soon realize that he’s a bigger handful then they first thought. Marley and Me takes you on the journey with recent newlyweds, to moves, and finally having kids one two and three. Since this movie covers a lot of years, it can often drag a bit, but overall, it was a sweet, funny, and very sentimental movie. If you are easily led to tears, bring tissues!

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The Tale of Despereaux

This animated film of a mouse that simply will not stop being brave is packed with top-notch actors, from Matthew Broderick to Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid, for all you Harry Potter fans!). Though it took a little time to get started, the movie soon became a great joy to watch and would make a perfect family film. The message behind it was beautiful, showing that being yourself and not backing down in the face of danger are very fine qualities.

bedtime stories Pictures, Images and Photos

Bedtime Stories

As a fan of Adam Sandler’s films, I highly enjoyed Bedtime Stories. It’s perfect for kids a little older and up. As a hotel maintenance man who hopes to one day be manager, Adam finds himself babysitting his sister’s kids for a week and coming up with a new bedtime story every night. However, he soon realizes that whatever the kids say will come true in some fashion the next day. I found myself laughing through most of the film and definitely enjoyed Russell Brand as Adam’s best friend in the movie. Finally, like every Sandler film, be sure to keep a look out for Rob Schneider.

yes man Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, Man

Jim Carrey stars as a man too afraid to say yes to anything who suddenly finds his life turned around by a seminar. As a new “Yes Man” he finds himself staying out all night, getting in fights over a girl, being able to start a new relationship, going on random trips, and so much more. Yes, Man also stars She and Him singer Zooey Deschanel, who I love and did an amazing job in the movie. Some wonderfully amusing highlights from the film are a misunderstanding at the airport, a Harry Potter party, and the saving of a man about to jump off a building.


Alea said...

I'll probably see these all on dvd, but Yes, Man looks really fun!

robin_titan said...

I LOVED Yes, Man it was so great and made me laugh so darn much. I am also a fan of Zooey Deschanel :) Did you see that adorable navy blue and red coat she wore? It was soo cute!!

Bookworm said...

OOOH I really want to see the first three--they all look so cute! (Though I'd probably cry through Marley & Me....sob!)

Bookgeek said...

Enjoyed Marley and Me, some parts SO funny, but (of course) left the theater sobbing! Probably will see Despereux (loved, loved, loved the book) but just can't watch Adam Sandler!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I want to see all of these, but now that I know there's a HP reference in Yes, Man I'm super excited to see it. I love when then mention books in movies-I'm a nerd!:)


Hope. said...

Ah, oh my gosh, we went to see Marley and Me over Christmas Break and NOBODY IN MY WHOLE FAMILY TOLD ME IT WAS SAD! They did not prepare me! Oh my goodness, it was horrible! Definitely bring tissues.

I can't even look at the picture of that cute little puppy anymore without wanting to cry. :(


Shalonda said...

I am so jealous that you were able to see all these. It's been awhile since I've been to the movies.

Oh well...

I've awarded you a butterfly award! Check my blog for details.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Alea: It is fun! I definitely enjoyed it. There are a lot of things I'll probably see on DVD...I've just been hooked on movies lately. lol

Robin_Titan: I don't remember exactly what her coat looked like, but I think everything she wore in that movie was pretty much adorable! I really do love her. The movie was a lot funnier then I first thought it might be.

Bookworm: Oh my, I was definitely crying at the end. I loved it though, and I can't wait to read the book!!

Bookgeek: Some people seem to either love or hate Adam! It's all preference. :)
I still need to read Despereaux. I really want too!!
I think pretty much everyoneee who saw the movie at my time was leaving with tears in their eyes.

Sarah: I'm definitely a nerd like you. My sister and I got all excited when they started talking about Harry Potter, and you get a whole SCENE of it!

Hope: Aw, I know, right? I mean, we all pretty much knew what would happen...but it was intense. I kept thinking of my dog and my friends' dogs! Ahh!!

Shalonda: I used to go allll the time, because there really isn't much to do around here. As I got older though, I haven't been to quite as many. Lately it just seems to be the THING to do with family and friends...I suppose it's just the holidays.

Aw, thanks! I'm going right now!