Saturday, January 31, 2009

Auction is Up: Curious?

For those that don't follow Leave a Mark, you might not know that the book is up for auction now...curious?? Yes, you are, so go and check it out. Bid what you can. Get in touch with people and see if they are interested. Spread the word!! This is the second last book for First Book and we want to donate as MUCH as we can.

To find the book, simply go here!

If you don't like cuss words or something, don't read this, but I think it's hilarious...and well-said. LOL

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the epic rat said...

o.O!!! Your current auction is out of control! Too bad I already devoted my allowance on a certain tiara :(


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Cecilia: I know, it's been going crazy! I'm excited though because this is the highest any of the books have gone so far and it just means more money for First Book!!!