Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Exciting (To Me At Least) Twilight News!!!

I don't normally post about news and whatnot, unless it's something I'm really excited about, but I figured I would update all the Twilight fans that might not have seen this already (and of course, it DOES make me happy)

taylor lautner Pictures, Images and Photos

Taylor Lautner WILL continue to play Jacob Black in New Moon. If you didn't know, they were thinking of getting someone else since Jacob is supposed to change so much in New Moon and appear a lot older...however, I'm very glad they decided to stick with Taylor. I'd hate to have two different people from Twilight to New Moon. Taylor did a good job, in my opinion, and if they were worried about New Moon, they should have thought of that BEFORE casting Taylor. So yay!

Official "letter" from the director and Stephenier Meyer can be found on Stephenie's website here!


harmonybookreviews said...

YES!!! That makes so excited. I despised both actors they wanted to replace him with and I absolutely love him so YAY TAYLOR!

Bookworm said...

YAY! I LOVED Jacob in the first movie...<3

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Oh yay! I was worried and annoyed when they said they were thinking of finding someone new. That would look wierd and mess things up. I'm glad he's staying!

Alea said...

Thank goodness, that would have really pissed me off if they would have picked someone else, like really a lot pissed me off!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Harmony: I haven't seen any pictures of the "potential" Jacobs, but I heard that one was really I'm excited as well! Taylor deserves it. I mean, he DID do the first one.

Bookworm: Me too!

Sarah: I know, right? I heard that one of the others looked like an older Taylor, but I don't care. It would be odd. I like when the people are the same.

Alea: I KNOW!! I'm so glad they went with the smart choice. So many fans would be angry if they didn't.


RR2 said...

Whew! That's such a relief. It would be so weird to see someone else playing Jacob. But, I kinda wish he had shorter hair in the movie.

Darling Diva said...

I adore Taylor and felt that he did a great job with his role as Jacob Black and I am very happy that he will stay around.

*happy snoopy dance*

Shooting Stars Mag said...

RR2: Such a relief, I know. And i liked the long hair, but it should be short in New Moon, right?

Darling Diva: Agreed. He did a good job and shouldn't be cast out b/c of something they should have thought of before if they really had a problem of it. I'm stoked!!