Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Miss Matched Review + Contest

Little Miss Matched
Review by: Lauren
Little Miss Matched Website

Little Miss Matched is a website filled with cute and funky shirts, clothes, wallets, and more for men, women, and children. I was given a few items to look over and review, to further help you all learn about this site and the first one was a wallet.


Personally, I think this is very cute and just the right size! One side opens with a snap, giving you plenty of room for money and your cards. The other side opens and closes with a zipper. This section gives you two sides to put your change or any other small items you wish to stick in your wallet. Another fun part of this wallet is that it comes with a clasp so you can hook the wallet onto a purse or such.

My next item is a change pouch:


I’m officially in love with this item. Instead of sticking all of your change in your wallet or at the bottom of your bag, purse, couch, etc., this change pouch is the next best thing. Using what essentially looks like a baby’s sock, they’ve added a snap clasp on top so that you can fill said sock with all of your change. The design is fun and perfect for everyone who wants something a bit different, and the sock itself is very soft!

Finally, the last item is a drawstring pouch:


You can use this pouch for the obvious things, such as another version of a change purse, and simply tighten the drawstring on top. However, this is great for some of your other needs as well, such as a cell phone, ipod, or even gift cards you don’t want to lose in the mess of your things!

The pictures I have included above are the ones that I personally received, but if you check out the website you’ll see the various other patterns and designs you can choose from. All of these things are very reasonably priced and would make a great gift for someone or even a fun item to for you to enjoy!

While looking on the site, I definitely know I’d love to buy a pair of the crazy patterned socks for a friend of mine. She’s always wearing two different socks, instead of the same color or design, and Little Miss Matched has some perfect items! Her birthday is in May, so I’m thinking I’ll be checking back soon.

Finally, here is the contest information. No, it’s not something for Shooting Stars Zine, but it still looks fun and the prize is amazing. I wish I was at all artistic! The point of this contest is to design a pair of socks that DO NOT match, yet of course, go together in some way. The winner will be decided, in the end, by the fans’ votes and if you happen TO BE the winner, you’ll have your socks go into production for the site and will receive 500 dollars and five packs of your own socks! To learn more, click the link!
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TruBlu93 said...

That is too neat. I'll have to mention it to my artistic friends.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Ok, like I said, I LOVE that coin purse. I don't think I've ever loved a coin purse more. I even put it on my blog, because I was so in love. I must order them soon for all my friends. Thanks for sharing!:)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

TruBlu: Definitely, spread the word!


Bookworm said...

The sock purse is so cute!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sarah: It's it fantastic? That was definitely my top pick out of those three. It's so super adorable and I love the feel of it...soft, like I said.
You're very welcome, and yes yes, share the love with friends. :)

Bookworm: For sure! It's great.


sharonanne said...

oh that coin purse is so adorable. I want. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sharon: You should get it. It's totally cute in person and hardly anything to buy!