Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interview with Justin Chon + Contest!

Interview with: Justin Chon
Questions by: Lauren
(Here is the film's trailer)

You might recognize Justin Chon from the film version of Twilight, as he played human Eric Yorkie. However, on March 13, you can catch him in the movie Crossing Over. Justin was kind enough to fit our questions into his busy schedule so that you could learn more about this film, which looks incredible.

1. Crossing Over deals with the immigration into American society for those wishing to become legal citizens. What exactly can viewers expect to witness or come away with while watching this movie?

Audiences of "Crossing Over" can expect to be extremely surprised at how hard it is to immigrate to this country. They will be able to witness the many hardships one goes through when trying to become a citizen of the US and how fortunate we are to live here legally. The film follows a number of characters from different countries and tells each of their stories.

2. For a movie that seems to deal with a lot of different people, who exactly is your character? Will you be in the film throughout it or simply at a certain point?

My character is present throughout the film. My character's name is Yong Kim. He is a Korean immigrant who is trying to adjust to his new surroundings in Los Angeles. Yong ends up getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and comes to many life changing realizations in this film.

3. When you heard about this role, what were the main reasons you wished to be a part of this?

When I read the script, I really wanted to be a part of this story. Although I was born here, my parents were immigrants to this country. My closeness to them and to many of my family friends who are immigrants made me realize that I could offer a true and honest depiction of this experience. I knew I could do the role justice and contribute certain true qualities and acting abilities.

4. Have you been able to see the final version yet? If so, what did you think? If not, what are you most excited to see?

No, I have not been able to see the final version yet because I was in Korea while most of the industry screenings were taking place. My agent and publicist saw the film and they really liked it. I am so excited to see the film as a whole. I can't wait to see how the film impacts me as a viewer and not as an actor.

5. Finally, if you had to promote this movie in one sentence, giving everyone a good reason to see it, what would you say?
If I had to promote this film in one sentence it would be...This film is about tolerance, compassion and love.


How to enter? Leave a comment about this interview and/or the movie. Do you want to see it? Had you heard about it before?

Prize (5 winners!): An Autographed Photo of Justin Chon, from him to you!

Deadline: Saturday, February 28 is the LAST day you can enter.

Open too: Everyone (pictures are easy for to send, so this will be an International Contest!)


Chelsea said...

Ooh, cool. From what I've seen, he's a great actor, and I'll definitely see Crossing Over.

Please enter me! :)

Kelsey said...

This movie sounds really good. I heard about it about a month ago when I realized Ashley Judd was in it. And I then really wanted to see it because of her. Then I found out that Harrison Ford is in it too. So, yeah. I want to see it

Enter me please!

Erika Lynn said...

I hadn't heard of this movie but I will now be doing some IMDB stalking. great interview. thanks!

Liviania said...

I liked his acting in Twilight.

I haven't heard of this moview before, but it sounds cool, especially since a number of my friends are immigrants. (It never fails to surprise me whan I lean someone immigrated. I'm the type that just assumes people where born here. No clue if that's weird or not.)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Chelsea: I definitely think he's a good actor and it'll be nice to see him in something more serious. Crossing Over looks awesome, so I'm FOR SURE seeing it!!

Kelsey: Yeah, lots of big names. You must see it and let me know what you think. :) I heard about it about...a year ago maybe. Not sure, but I found out through Justin.

Erika Lynn: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. And yes yes, look into the film. watch the trailer. it sounds and looks great.

Livinia: me too. he was very amusing in his role as eric.
nah, I think it's normal for people to have moved her, but first hearing it is a bit of a shock sometimes I'm sure. And definitely look into the film. I like how it deals with various type of immigrants.


Steph Su said...

It's always nice to see more Asian Americans on the big screen, especially as we're such an underrepresented group there (as well as in literature, music... heck, most entertainment venues). I haven't yet heard about this movie but I'll keep it in mind when it comes out! Thanks for the interview, Lauren!

.:[TEAMspunk/ransom]:. said...

I'd love to enter the contest but I'd think it would weird since I run his fansite! Great interview! Do you mind if I link to it on my Justin Chon Fansite??

Check it out! email me and let me know!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Steph Su: I know what you mean, and thanks for sharing your thoughts! I hope you do go and see this. I'd love to hear your thoughts. You're quite welcome!

Krysyna: Thank you, and definitely. Go ahead and link it. Also, feel free to enter! You're definitely allowed too and it's not like there is one winner either...four others would be winning too if you did! :)


Bookworm said...

Please enter me, I loved him in Twilight! I really want the autographed pic for my pal Jenni, she adores him. A lot!

Ann Diana Dinh, said...

I watched Twilight! I thought it wasn't as good as the book but Justin was a good actor! He was also on Wendy Wu's homecoming something something from Disney Channel!

Please, enter me :)


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Bookworm: That's awesome you're entering for your friend! Best of luck.

Ann: Yep, and I think it's Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior (not 100% positive though! LOL)

Thanks for entering. :)


danie88 said...

yep your right Lauren it is Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior... I was gonna mention that too but Ann beat me to it lol :D good job Ann!

he plays Peter Wu which is Wendy's brother.

great interview by the way!

deltay said...

I hadn't heard about it before, but now that I have, I definitely want to check it out. He was awesome in Twilight :) And I'm a citizen now, but I immigrated from an Asian country as a toddler, so it'll definitely be intriguing to see this movie.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Dani: Thanks, I'm glad I got it right. I remember this now...I think my sister told me awhile back.

Thanks so much.

Deltay: Awesome, I'm so glad you found out about it and I hope you do go and check it out. Thanks for sharing about your own life. :)

He was good in Twilight, I agree. Quite a funny character.


chibi-kiss said...

I've heard of this movie for a while now from my IMDB and Wiki stalkings. I can't wait to see this movie!

I don't have an account on Blogspot, but if it's possible, I'd like to enter as well. :]

Shooting Stars Mag said...

chibi-kiss: Awesome! I really hope you enjoy it. Sure you can! Anyone can enter. :)


Michelle Kuo said...

Hey I watched Twilight :D (who hasn't?) Even though I didn't think the movie didn't do the book justice, Justin was great at playing Eric! Haha I KNEW I saw him from somewhere else, and after I reading some comments I realized he was Wendy Wu's brother on Disney Channel. So I'd love to enter :)

This movie sounds really good! luckily I was born in America, but my parents were immigrants.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Michelle: I'm glad you thought Justin did well in Twilight and hopefully you'll be able to see Crossing Over as well.

Thanks for entering!


TruBlu93 said...

I hadn't heard of Crossing Over before this but it sounds totally interesting and like I can relate. Me and my family immigrated here and it wasn't an easy start. We're all good now though.

Lalaland said...

I love his acting. I feel like he's one of those actors that can be any type of actors, not just a certain type.

Even though I am born in America, my mom was an immigrant. In fact, most of my family members are immigrants, except for one cousin born here, and an aunt, uncle, and two cousins still living in China. She would tell me stories of how it was hard to survive, especially when you didn't speak English, didn't have any family members there to support you, and had to find a job, and fast.

I have several friends who are immigrants. From watching them, I can tell that they feel strange here. I have seen some students who are immigrants that start great, but fall as the days progress. They eventually turn into a bad student...Thankfully, I don't know anyone who has been deported.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

TruBlu: I definitely hope you can relate to the movie in some way then. Thanks for sharing your story. It's interesting to learn about everyone else. :)

LalaLand: That is definitely a plus in any actor!

Thanks for sharing your story as well. I'm sure it was really hard for your mom and even the friends that you know now. It's awful that they often feel out of place! I can see how that might be though, and hopefully if any of you see the film, it'll be relatable and interesting. I definitely can't wait to see it.


towerofbooks said...

Crossing Over sounds like an interesting story. I have not heard of it before. My parents are immigrants, so maybe I could relate to it some.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Krista: I'm sure you could in some regard, your parents as well. I hope you decide to check the film out when it's released!


harmonybookreviews said...

Today's still Saturday so I can still enter, right?

Anyway, awesome interview. I've never heard of this movie before but it looks really cool and I'll have to check it out.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Harmony: Awesome, you should definitely see it! I think it looks great.

And yes, you can enter. :)