Monday, March 2, 2009

Justin Chon Winners + NEW Info!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest for Justin Chon. The five winners are:


I contacted everyone BUT bookworm. I couldn't find an please get in touch? (Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com)

Remember, Crossing Over is out THIS month. I'm definitely going to see it...are you? Hint: The answer should be a resounding YES! Show your support. :)

Now, I have some new information/links for all you Justin fans out there. Please check them out.

First off, if you didn't win MY contest for an autograph, then you might want to check this next one out. You get an authograph photo, plus a t-shirt from Justin's store. Not too shabby, eh?

Justin Chon was recently in the Orange County Register. You can find that link here:

I suggest you read this interview. I learned a lot about Justin and his career in acting. I love that he went to college and seems to truly love acting for what it is, and it's also great that he can be another example of a young Asian American working in Hollywood. What do you think?

And finally, if you missed Justin's appearance for Crossing Over on TV guide, here is a video that features most of it (some is missing because they can't post certain Twilight clips on the internet):


Bookworm said...

Yay! My friend will be so happy---emailing you right now!

Carol(ina) said...

Congrats to the winners! :)