Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jody Gehrman Sponsored Contest!! (U.S./Canada)

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Jody Gehrman is helping us host a contest in honor of her books Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty and Triple Shot Bettys in Love

Contest: Post a haiku about your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Starts/Ends: April 29, 2009-May 8, 2009 (next Friday I believe!)

Open too: U.S. and Canada ONLY!
Prize: (Thanks to Jody) A copy of both books plus a handmade bookmark and a starbucks gift card for $10.

Winner Chosen: Be creative, because Jody is picking the winner herself!

Haiku: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and then 5 syllables

Example of mine:

Mountain Dew is cool
The thought makes my mouth water
I would like it now

That's it basically. I'm pretty sure the syllables are right. And yes, I know, mine is kind of bad. I did it in like five seconds. :)

Have Fun!


sprite said...

Tea, please, with sugar
And milk. None of this lemon
Nonsense. Best served hot.

(I'm in D.C.)

Diana Dang said...

Give me an Ice Cap
For it shall be gone within
One minute or less

Ontario, Canada

Alicia said...

espresso and milk
caramel, delicious and sweet
perfect in the rain

FYI - I pronounce caramel with only two syllables - I'm very unsophisticated over here in NY.

I Heart Monster said...

Sunkist Orange is
The only caffeine I heart
The rest? Ew, gross much?

Amelia said...

I could do better with more time, but I'm about to leave and won't have another chance before the deadline. So here's mine

Caffeine is awesome
Coffee is my favorite
No cream or sugar

I live in US

susan said...

How many times can we submit?

susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shooting Stars Mag said...

Susan: Just the once! Thanks for all the entries everyone. And I'm sorry for not having who it is limited too, but I swear I'll edit this post soon so keep checking back to see

Pissenlit said...

Favourite caffeinated beverage?

orange pekoe tea
in a porcelain tea cup
lactose-free milk please

I live in Canada.

Lucienne said...

Wow, all the above are awesome. I can't resist:

Coffee is nectar
the gods grant us begrudgingly
to keep mortals sane

Emily B said...

Ooh, fun! Here's mine:

Tall, rich and decaf -
Caramel Macchiato,
The drink of my dreams!

I'm in Ontario, Canada

Liviania said...

It's black like my soul
because sugar, milk, creamer
destroy the flavor.

Ashley said...

Ooh fun contest! Here is mine:

Fizzy, icy, sweet
A frosty mug of rootbeer
Heaven for my tongue


Genevieve said...

Okay, here's my attempt:

Old fashion root beer
very yummy and creamy
tickling my nose.


MJ said...

I love my coffee.
It's how I begin my day.
It ends my day too.


Kaitlyn said...

Kaitlyn is my name.
Coffee is my favorite game.
It's what keeps me sane.
(I say favorite as 2 syllables)
Oh, and idk if this counts, but I'm a follower.

Doreen said...

Coffee rocks my world
Awakens me to delight
Hot liquid lingers

Love Starbucks!! purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

Laina said...

Caffeine makes me so
hyper/ And I honestly
Flunked poetry, yup.

(I prounouce poetry with three syllables.)

Laina said...


Michelle Kuo said...

Starbucks Java Chip!
Coffee is my therapy,
What I long for most.

Haha I live in Washington so there is a Starbucks on every single street. I LOVE coffee, treat myself to a Java Chip Frappacino or Caramel Macchiatto at least once each week! I know that the gift card would be so useful to me :) Not to mention that I've been dying to read the books!


Wrighty said...

Stumble sleepy-eyed
to coffee pot. Hubby, teens
beat me to it. Damn.

Thanks! This was fun. Can't wait to read the books!


susan said...

Do we have a winner yet?