Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Video Interview with Cassandra Clare + Lisa McMann

Interview with Lisa McMann and Cassandra Clare
Conducted by: Myself, Chelsea from The Page Flipper, and Kristi from The Story Siren
Camera: Kari, my sister! (Chelsea's friend Emili recorded as well)

Now, I already posted about the summary of the event and even put up a contest to win a book by Cassandra Clare. It's now time to share the other bit of information that we all left out to surprise you all. Lisa and Cassandra were amazing enough to allow us to interview them, and after tiring work trying to get this posted (by Kristi and Chelsea), Kristi finally got it to work, so yay for her! I hope you enjoy it. It's not edited and is a pretty relaxed interview, but hopefully we asked some things you wanted to know the answer too, as well as provided a fun video to watch.

I know some of you probably already saw this on the other blogs, but feel free to leave your thoughts here again, as I'd love to hear them!
Thanks Kristi and Chelsea for being amazing and to Lisa and Cassandra for a fun interview!

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