Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wish-List-Wednesday: I Just Made the Cut!

Amy by Any Other Name
By: Maureen Garvie
Out Now, as far as I can tell

Summary: It’s not like being a teenager is all that easy to begin with. But when 15-year-old Amy wakes up in a hospital bed, terribly injured from a dive onto hidden rocks in a quarry, she must contend with something unbelievable. True, her body has been shattered, but that’s not the worst of her troubles — the body she’s in is not her own! An athletic and academic overachiever from a wealthy Toronto family, Amy has somehow ended up in the body of Krystal, a troubled girl from North-End Kingston.

Of course, no one believes what Amy says. Her mother in Toronto rejects her calls and threatens action, while whoever is now in Amy’s body remains silent and unreachable. Amy’s drive and determination help her build a new life, but all she really wants is to find her way back to the one she once had. Or does she? Amy by Any Other Name is an unusual and compelling novel about adolescence and identity — and about the human capacity to grow and change.

When I first saw this, I wanted to use it thinking it was out this summer, but then I saw that it was actually I suppose it's out, but since my post is always "wish-list" and is just things I simply want, I'm still going to post about it. I think it sounds like a really good book with a great coming-of-age theme that has a different type of premise: switching bodies to truly find yourself. Very cool!

And can I say? I LOVE the cover. It's not amazing or anything, but I just really like it and think it stands out in its own way. I think I'd stop and pay attention if I saw it in stores.

I just made this for Wednesday...right now, it is 11:39 P.M. :-)
P.S. New interview below, with a video of the singer attached. Please read and comment? Nobody has yet, and I think it's worth a read if you like pop music or know someone who does!


robin_titan said...

whoa, it's the same exact cover as heartsinger! ..which is a great book btw too short but full of awesomeness :D

Liviania said...

I actually don't like the cover that much but the blurb is cool.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Robin: hahah I didn't know that. I don't think I've heard of Heartsinger.

Liviania: I think liking the blurb is better then liking the cover if you don't love both, so yay, that's a win! lol

Thanks for your thoughts though, girls.

cupcakewitch said...

This sounds good- a bit like a non-sad If I Stay with the whole added body switching thing. Okay, maybe its nothing like If I Stay... lol

Mishel said...

lol @ cupcake

I do like the use of the mirror in the cover. I think its a nice idea and goes well with the blurb.

I really like the sound of the book 8)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Cupcakewitch: haha No switching bodies in If I Stay, but I see where you were going! I'm glad you think it sounds good though. I do agree. :)

Mishel: Yay! I'm glad. And I know, the mirror was just great. I really like the cover.


towerofbooks said...

My thoughts are the same as Robin! It's the same over of Heartsinger except the mirror is different.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Krista: I don't think I've seen this I said above, I believe, but it should be a look-alike post for Alea then!

robin_titan said...

heartsinger is written by karlifn stofeels, i LOVE it! I read and r.ed it in january i think I recommend it :D it's soo cute :D