Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Book Party: Are You In?!

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So, if you can't see the icon above it says "I'd rather read a book than go to a party" but what about a book party? I'd talked to another blogger about this in passing a few months ago and then promptly forgot about the idea...but I figure: Hey! It's summer! So why not really?

Do you all remember the book carnivals, I believe bookroomreviews always hosts every few months or so (I have no idea how long is actually between the two)? Anyway, they are a lot of fun and I love seeing new blogs and entering contests for books or book-related items.

However, I did notice that not a ton of YA blogs post their links during the carnival and you know we all love our contests, bloggers and authors alike. So I was about having a Book Carnival for YA books and items only. You can have an adult blog, you can have a pop culture blog, it doesn't matter...but the contest has to be a YA-level book or something that anyone can enjoy like a bookstore gift card or something. Make sense?

I'll post a Mr. Linky and everyone can leave links to their contests during a one-week period and people can spend that time entering and finding new sites and authors can promote their friends and themselves by doing contests as well. I don't know, I think it would be fun, but it's up to everyone else. I can't do it on my own, so what do you think? And when do you think it should be?

Do people think we should do this in June or something or wait unti later in the summer? I don't know, but spread the word and let me know if you plan on doing something for the party. I'd love for more sites/authors to know about this so again...tell EVERYONE! And for now, leave your thoughts/questions/commments/suggestions/whatever!


WhatBriReads said...

This sounds cool, I'd love to take part in it :)

Aerin said...

Yup, I'm in. I was thinking maybe wait til July, just to give us something to look forward to? Does that make any sense? But I'm up for whatever!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Sounds like a fun idea! I'm up for next month or whenever!


katie said...

I would love this. I would say wait until July but I would be more than willing to participate. I have a couple of books that I have been meaning to giveaway so this would be perfect!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Katie: Awesome, I'm glad you like the idea. July sounds fine by me, and it would give people time to find out about it and figure out what they want to give away.

Amber: Thanks for your thoughts, I'm so happy to hear people like the idea.

Aerin: I know what you mean, I think it might end up being July if not late're right, it would give us something to look forward too and can be bigger and better if we have time to prepare.

Bri: Yay! thanks!!

Spread the word everyone and thanks for commenting.


Kathleen Elizabeth said...

this is a fantastic idea! sounds like a lot of fun! June or July, either one works

Diana Dang said...

That's cool! Why not the end of June? :3

Kate at Read This Book! said...

I would prefer to have it in June. =P I would definitely take part in this! So fun. =)

NotNessie said...

Sounds fun! I would be up for that.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Kathleen: Thanks so much, I'm really glad people are excited about the idea.

Diana: Hmm...seems the consensus so far is either July or end of June. Maybe I WILL do end of's still a bit of time for people to get ready and it's not in July, which some people have a problem with, I guess.

Kate: Thanks, I'm glad you'd be willing to participate!

NotNessie: Yay! Thanks

Nymeth said...

I would love to participate! Either time would be fine.

Shalonda said...

That sounds like a great idea for the summer!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nymeth: Thanks, I think I'll be posting the final plans soon. It sounds like most people are in some kind of agreement.

Shalonda: Thanks, I thought the summer would be a lot of fun too!

I Heart Monster said...

I'm totally in :o) Sounds like a great idea!