Friday, May 15, 2009

Musical Charity Project: Shooting Stars Comp!

Link to Buy:

Itunes has it too: Just search: shine bright shooting star

Cost: $8.91 for whole album, each song is 99 Cents

ALL Money Goes To: (details on why and more below!)

If you know me at all, you should realize by now that I love charities and helping other people. I need to do it more, but I'm trying...especially with the blog and everything (think: Leave a Mark) and now I'm doing it again, but with MUSIC this time...after all, this is a zine not just a book blog. :-)

The above photo is the title of this "album" and yes, it's various artists...they were willing to donate one of their songs for this or they covered a song (and got permission) to include that.

The link above should bring you directly to the album. It'll be up on Itunes as well soon, so I'll let you know that link soon. As for now, feel free to buy the whole album for $8.91 or a single song for 99 cents.

All of the money that is recieved through this effort will go towards the PKD foundation. A bit about what PKD is, found on their website:

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) affects 600,000 Americans and 12.5 million children and adults, worldwide. There is no treatment or cure, but there is hope.

Why did I pick this charity? Simple, my mom has PKD. It runs through your family too so my sister and I could get it as well (though if you don't have it by a certain age, then you won't, I believe). Chances look good that we won't have it though.

First Check: Ge is helping me with this, as I couldn't have gotten all the artists or done any of this without him. He'll send the money raised in the first 45 days to me and I'll mail it off to the foundation. I'll try and post a picture with it though and announce how much we made before I do. If things go well, we should have it up for a little longer this summer to send another check so please spread the word and save your money. Good music, good cause.

A shoutout to any and all artists (a note from Ge):

If you need to get on Itunes, or need Mixing and Mastering, you can go to my website: (in case the link below doesn't work...)

Finally: Thank you SO much to anyone who promotes this anywhere, tells someone about it, buys a song or songs, buys the album.

Thank you more than anything to Ge and all the bands/artists that helped out!

Link: I'll get the rest from Ge, as most songs were donated directly to him, but here are the three I know for case you want to hear more by these bands/artists. Go and support them!

Reality Addiction


Danny Smith (formerly of The City Drive)

Kaino Sharmon

Makeshift Romantic

Amber in Her Eyes

For a Disco



Shelley/Book Fanatic said...

I love Kaino Sharmon! What a beautiful voice!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Shelley: I'm glad you like it, and thanks for your thoughts.


Meggin said...

Hi! Sorry, I know this is sort of an old post- but I just want to say how awesome this is :) Great music for a great cause, like you said- how did you find all these great bands? I hope it isn't too late to buy it?

janettrumble said...

This is such an awesome thing you're doing. Like your mom, I have PKD. So did my mom and so do three of my six siblings. My kids are too young to present one way or the other yet. Hope your mom is doing well! Despite having giant kidneys and a bp that requires meds, I'm asymptomatic and doing great.